2023 Service-Year Honorees

  • Thank you to the following employees for their commitment and service to students and staff in Lewisville ISD.

    40 Years of Service

    Jesus Del Rio | Facility Services Department

    Barbara Sutton | Old Settlers Elementary

    35 Years of Service

    Geraldine Miller | Special Education Department

    Kimberley Mosely | The Colony High School

    30 Years of Service

    Darren Bailey | Flower Mound High School

    Homer Bazan | Facility Services Department

    Sherill Davis | Special Education Department

    Robin Dilger | Special Education Department

    Lori Dodson | Marcus High School

    Michele Emmett | Donald Elementary

    Shannon Gillespy | Athletics Department

    Mark Grossman | Procurement & Contracts Department

    Kim Grove | Technology Department

    Larry Himel | Hedrick Middle School

    Sandra Holcomb | Timber Creek Elementary

    Jennifer Jolly | Peters Colony Elementary

    Traci Kidwell | Special Education Department

    Lori Litchfield | Chief of Schools Department

    Pamela Navarre | Garden Ridge Elementary

    Isabel Ramirez | Lewisville High School

    Marissa Rick | Mill Street Elementary

    Jennifer Thomas | Wellington Elementary

    Lisa Vaughan | Special Education Department

    Elizabeth Wagley | Prairie Trail Elementary

    25 Years of Service

    Deanne Angonia | Human Resources Department

    Christine Baxter-Teague | B.B. Owen Elementary

    Lisa Bell | Special Education Department

    Amy Berry | Flower Mound High School

    Denae Bickford | Forestwood Middle School

    Tammy Brown | B.B. Owen Elementary

    Catherine Carlson | Hebron High School

    Donna Catterton | Special Education Department

    Padgett Cervantes | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Anne Choate | Technology Department

    Adelina Christensen | Lamar Middle School

    Rebecca Clark | Student Support Services

    Donna Cogbill | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Jason Cox | Ethridge Elementary

    Byron Crump | Marcus High School

    Maria Currey | Special Education Department

    Kimberley Dickey | Special Education Department

    Kerry Divin | Hicks Elementary

    Leslie Dodson | Lewisville High School

    Krista Dotson | Hicks Elementary

    Sandra Faircloth | Ethridge Elementary

    Clinton Flanagan | Facility Services Department

    Tamela Foley | Homestead Elementary

    Amy Fritz | McKamy Middle School

    Pamela Gonzalez | Benefits Department

    Brian Harvey | Durham Middle School

    Jill Heare | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood

    Kathryn Hoffman | Donald Elementary

    Laurie Hyman | B.B. Owen Elementary

    Lisa Jeter | Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

    Dinah Joest | Lewisville Harmon

    Monica Johnston-Miller | Huffines Middle School

    Heather Jones | The Colony High School

    Alma Lancaster | Vickery Elementary

    Kenneth Lane | Virtual Learning Academy

    Rita Lasuzzo | Lewisville High School

    Sharon Leininger | Briarhill Middle School

    John Leininger | Marcus High School

    Kendra Levrier | Human Resources Department

    Janean Loyd | Mill Street Elementary

    Sandra Lyles | Donald Elementary

    Joan Malik | Flower Mound Elementary

    Sylvia Martinez | Accounting & Finance Department

    Wendy Massey | Flower Mound High School

    Emily Mathew | Hebron Valley Elementary

    Toby Maxson | Heritage Elementary

    Julia McBrayer | Huffines Middle School

    Robin Maguire | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Susy Mino | Lewisville High School

    Leslye Mitchell | Highland Village Elementary

    Meshell Mitchell | Vickery Elementary

    Robin Mitsdarffer | Chief of Schools Department

    Stephanie Moore | Special Education Department

    Martha Owens | Lakeland Elementary

    Nya Page | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Jennifer Phillips | Hicks Elementary

    Jackeline Rios | Forestwood Middle School

    Teresa Robbins | Wellington Elementary

    Marla Rodriguez Messa | Lewisville Elementary School

    Deborah Rowlett | Assessment & Accountability

    Cathy Ruelas | Special Education Department

    Gary Rutledge | Homestead Elementary

    Ryan Stagemeyer | Flower Mound High School

    Elizabeth Staten | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Barbara Stock | Lewisville Harmon

    Therese Stockard | Lewisville High School

    Kimberly Thomas | Liberty Elementary

    Jeremy Tipps | Marcus High School

    Patricia Toothaker | Lamar Middle School

    Chantell Upshaw | Chief of Schools Department

    Shirley Vanderford | TECC East

    Candace Wade | Special Education Department

    Susan Warriner | McKamy Middle School

    Joanna Wilemon | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Jennifer Wind | Marcus 9th Grade Campus

    Timothy Young | Flower Mound High School

    20 Years of Service

    Christi Abel | Marcus 9th Grade Campus

    Soraya Amenta | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center

    Shana Baldenegro | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center

    Laura Bergeron | Campus Support Services

    Isabel Bernal | Vickery Elementary

    Candida Blalack | Timber Creek Elementary

    Gina Boyd | Vickery Elementary

    Marie Brawner | Homestead Elementary

    Jeff Bridges | The Colony High School

    Debbie Brininstool | Marcus High School

    Cathrice Brock | Old Settlers Elementary

    Karen Brody | Degan Elementary

    Jeff Brown | Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

    Tandee Bywater | Lamar Middle School

    Lori Cantwell | Special Education Department

    Linda Cattoor | Garden Ridge Elementary

    John Claxton | Briarhill Middle School

    Denia Cook | Forestwood Middle School

    Alice Cooper | Rockbrook Elementary

    Victoria Cousins | Forest Vista Elementary

    Christy Crawshaw | Creekside Elementary

    Tonya Croy | Special Education Department

    Kelly Darnell | Valley Ridge Elementary

    Robert Davis | Hebron High School

    Carol Dellinger | Lakeland Elementary

    Terri Domenech | Lewisville Learning Center

    Brent Dubberley | The Colony High School

    Alexander Dunaj | Parkway Elementary

    Marta Ehrlich | Timber Creek Elementary

    Arit Eke-Ude | Campus Support Services

    Shirley Elliot | Flower Mound High School

    Annette Engel | Old Settlers Elementary

    Yuphayong Flowers | Child Nutrition Department

    Janet Fowler | Special Education Department

    Elizabeth Free | Procurement & Contracts Department

    Adrienne Gall | Learning & Teaching Department

    Claudia Garcia | Parkway Elementary

    Shannon Goheen | Special Education Department

    Christa Greunke | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Rebecca Hanna | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Jennifer Hinchliffe | Special Education Department

    Shannon Hinsley | Student Support Services

    Natalie Hoff | Virtual Learning Academy

    Clifton Hollingsworth | McKamy Middle School

    Brenda Jacobs | Garden Ridge Elementary

    Deborah Jaquess | Huffines Middle School

    Cheryl Johnson | Memorial Elementary

    Jennifer Jonker | Heritage Elementary

    Emily Joos | Flower Mound Elementary

    Connie Kautz | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Paula Kershaw | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center

    Samantha Killian | Lamar Middle School

    Kelly Knight | McKamy Middle School

    Edward Koglin | Facility Services Department

    Kristi Larkin | Heritage Elementary

    Marsha Lewellen | Human Resources Department

    Dana Manning | McKamy Middle School

    Julie Manry-Pruett | Degan Elementary

    Monica Marsh | Lewisville Killough

    Jack Martin | Lewisville Harmon

    Rowena Martin | Mill Street Elementary

    Renee Marts | Learning & Teaching Department

    June McMahon | Procurement & Contracts Department

    Amy Middleton | Timber Creek Elementary

    Kyle Miller | The Colony High School

    Angela Moody | Technology Department

    Carlos Moreno | Facility Services Department

    Daniel Moser | Lewisville High School

    Susan Murray | Peters Colony Elementary

    Cherie Neudeck | Bridlewood Elementary

    Ginger Newbern | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Sandra Noack | Accounting & Finance Department

    Regina O'Neill | Accounting & Finance Department

    Abby Olson | Ethridge Elementary

    Maria Ortiz | Child Nutrition Department

    Jana Osborn | McAuliffe Elementary

    Angela Petrich-Graham | Morningside Elementary

    Celia Phillips | Lakeview Middle School

    Elizabeth Pitchford | Huffines Middle School

    Anita Puentes | Child Nutrition Department

    Latasha Rayford | Hebron High School

    Helen Remington | Child Nutrition Department

    Jana Robinson | Heritage Elementary

    Ty Robinson | Parkway Elementary

    Raquel Romines | McKamy Middle School

    Adelita Romo | B.B. Owen Elementary

    Bethany Rydeen | Special Education Department

    Leeanna Saffle | Bridlewood Elementary

    Sarah Sanders | Special Education Department

    Melodee Scallan | Forest Vista Elementary

    Cassandra Scheibelhut | Special Education Department

    Mary Scott | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Andy Sealy | Hebron High School

    Christina Seitz | DeLay Middle School

    Corrinne Skelton | Special Education Department

    Brenda Small | Timber Creek Elementary

    Robin Smith | Child Nutrition Department

    Kelly Smith | Creekside Elementary

    Ellery Smith | Hebron High School

    Andrea Sounders | Hebron Valley Elementary

    Hermelinda Steele | Peters Colony Elementary

    Summer Swindell | Special Education Department

    Pamela Talbert | Bridlewood Elementary

    Amber Taylor | Counseling and Social Work Department

    Jennifer Terry | Morningside Elementary

    Jennifer Timm | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Kelly Updike | Campus Support Services

    Robert Walker | Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

    Estella Walker | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center

    Gail Warner | Garden Ridge Elementary

    Jennifer Wilkins Colvin | The Colony High School

    Keli Wilson | Flower Mound High School

    Tara Winters | Marcus High School

    Melissa Wright | Learning & Teaching Department

    Beth Yanda | Killian Middle School

    Mark Yanda | Lewisville High School

    Wilma Zanercik | Huffines Middle School

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