• The safety of our students, staff and facilities is of the utmost importance. In that regard, Lewisville ISD works closely with our local law enforcement partners regarding school safety initiatives. Additionally, the district has a number of programs and protocols in place to promote safety and security.

    Strong support by the community for bond programs has allowed Lewisville ISD to maintain safety as a priority. With more than $28.8 million from the 2017 bond election, LISD has been able to upgrade cameras and fire alarms districtwide. Bond dollars also made it possible to upgrade access controls, install security vestibules at all campuses and additional card reader access points, upgrade our phone system, and enhance exterior lighting. For an overview of LISD bond projects, visit LISD.net/bond.

  • NEW FOR 2023-24

    LISD Guardian Program:
    Beginning for the 2023-24 school year, LISD will be adding more than 50 Guardians across the district where a SRO is not posted on a daily basis. Guardians will be LISD employees. State law requires a 16 hour school safety training course for these positions, however, LISD will be requiring roughly 100 hours of training for campus Guardians and Guardian Supervisor positions, with additional training annually. These guardians will undergo background checks, drug screenings and psychological evaluations before hire, and they must already have their Texas License to Carry. LISD is seeking retired law enforcement, retired firefighters, honorably discharged veterans, and security professionals to fill this vital role across our district.

    While we will strive to get these positions filled as soon as possible, LISD will not compromise on the Guardians we hire, the level of training they receive, or our ability to provide them proper equipment for their safety. The district is working diligently to fill Guardian positions as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, we will continue to utilize LISD’s award winning Elementary Rover program with our local law enforcement partners who continually rotate around our elementary campuses on a daily basis conducting perimeter checks and being a visible presence in our district.

    This year during the 88th Legislative Session, House Bill 3, or the school safety bill, passed which requires every single school in the state of Texas to have at least one armed security personnel on campus. Although the state did not provide funding to cover the expenses our district will acquire as we implement this unfunded mandate, LISD has begun our efforts to comply with the requirements of this new law.

    Designated K-9 Patrol:
    LISD has welcomed a designated, certified K-9 detection team. Over the summer, the team learned to work together and trained on detecting a list of substances in our schools, including illegal drugs, prohibited items and firearms.

  • Tip Line

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  • A Letter to the Community

    LISD partners with surrounding police agencies including Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony and Frisco to provide safe learning environments for students and staff. Throughout the summer, district leadership and local law enforcement have met to discuss the protocols and possible improvements to the safety procedures in place for LISD. Read the joint letter from Superintendent Lori Rapp and the local Police Chiefs to the LISD community.


  • Safety & Security Procedures

    Background Checks
    Criminal history background checks are required for applicants for employment, volunteers, mentors and contractors.

    Campus Emergency Plans and Drills
    Each campus has an individual Campus Emergency Plan that is updated each year.

    As required by state law, campuses are required to conduct various emergency drills throughout the year to help practice emergency procedures. In a typical year, over 1,000 emergency drills are conducted throughout LISD.

    All LISD campuses conduct safety drills several times a semester for each of the following scenarios:

    • Evacuation
    • Lockdown
    • Secure
    • Shelter - Severe Weather

    emergency response
    Lewisville ISD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), a nationally-recognized, proven methodology that ensures a uniform response by faculty, staff and students to school-based emergencies. Read more.

    Should an emergency occur, first responders have immediate access to campus floor plans, photos, contact information and much more from inside their squad cars, fire trucks and ambulances. This knowledge would be critical in an actual emergency, giving personnel the ability to plan and prepare in real time, identify the best way to address the situation and minimize any damage.

    For more information about emergency communications from LISD, click here.

    Entrances & Visitors
    For the safety of our students and staff members, all exterior doors are locked during the school day. Front office staff utilize a video-based entry monitoring system to buzz visitors through a specified front door after their identification has been verified and the nature of their visit is made known. All visitors must enter in the main entrance of each school, and go through a proper vetting process before they proceed.

    Campus security vestibules are designed such that visitors must be admitted to the school office prior to gaining access to secure areas of the school beyond the office.

    All Lewisville ISD campuses and facilities use the RAPTOR electronic visitor management system. The RAPTOR system, which requires the visitor to present a driver’s license or other acceptable form of government-issued identification, logs the visitor into the building and provides the visitor with a temporary, photo-identification badge to wear while in the building. The visitor management system also checks the visitor’s identification against a nationwide database of registered sex offenders.

    Weekly perimeter checks of all exterior doors by district and campus administration.

    Law Enforcement Partners
    Our local police departments undergo extensive training for a variety of scenarios, including active shooter situations. A majority of this training occurs within LISD buildings, which enables officers to also learn the layouts of the buildings. Our safety and security department regularly coordinates with other public safety partners to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community.

    Police officers are encouraged to use school grounds to complete routine paperwork.

    Free lunch is provided for police officers in school cafeterias to increase visibility.

    Specially-trained canines help in keeping the LISD campuses safe and drug free.  These canines are trained to detect drugs, alcohol and gunpowder. Searches are conducted unannounced. Areas searched include lockers, parking lots, and personal property brought on campus. Special presentations with the canines are given to students as part of a drug-prevention program.

    Uniformed police officers provide security at athletic events, socials, proms, and other district events as deemed necessary.

    School Resource Officers
    Middle Schools & High Schools
    Each middle school and high school is served by a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) who provides security and law enforcement services. SROs promote safety and security at their assigned campuses and seek to develop rapport with students. Read more.

    Elementary Schools
    Each elementary school utilizes the middle school SRO for their feeder for any SRO support needed.
    LISD implemented the Elementary Rover Patrol Program in the fall of 2022, where our law enforcement partners provide uniformed officers in marked vehicles to monitor elementary campuses throughout the district.

    Officers are equipped with medical supplies and specialized tools to assist in the event of an emergency.

    Campus Security Monitors
    High School campuses employ campus security monitors who work simultaneously to patrol the campus, serving as an additional set of eyes and ears to report and respond to safety concerns.

    Video surveillance camera systems in all schools help administrators and SROs monitor the interior and exterior of the building.

    Intercom and video systems at visitor entries allow school staff to communicate with visitors prior to allowing entry.

    The district has a 24x7 Security Operations Center monitoring the campuses.

    Threat Assessment Teams
    LISD has threat assessment teams at all campuses and maintains a district threat assessment team. Threat assessment teams are multi-disciplinary with relevant expertise in counseling, behavior management, mental health and substance use, classroom instruction, special education, school administration, school safety and security, emergency management, and law enforcement. Each team is required to conduct threat assessments that include assessing and reporting individuals who make threats of violence or exhibit harmful, threatening, or violent behavior and gather and analyze data to determine the level of risk and appropriate interventions.

    Tip Line
    LISD maintains an anonymous tip line for all campuses for students to report concerns. Read more.

    The implementation of StopIt, a district-wide anonymous reporting platform that allows individuals to submit concerns at any time, from anywhere (Remember, if you see something, say something!)

    Counseling Resources

    We always have counselors available for students who are experiencing distress due to any situation, and we encourage students to reach out to an adult when they are in need of support or additional assistance. Our staff members are trained in mental health awareness so that they can also help identify students who may be in need of assistance or support. Additional information can be found on our Counseling Services page.

    Lewisville ISD is always working to improve school safety and we expect conversations to continue – nationwide and locally – so that we can do everything possible to protect our students and staff.