• How was the Lewisville ISD bond package developed?

    To maintain the success of Lewisville ISD and to manage the influx of new students in our high growth areas, the Board of Trustees commissioned a citizens bond committee comprised of citizens from across the entire community that included 80 parents, grandparents, educators, and business leaders.  Their directive was simple – develop a comprehensive bond package that helps provide our teachers, students and parents the tools and facilities they need to succeed.

    What kind of research went into the formation of the recommendations by the citizens bond committee?

    For four months the committee worked with district staff to analyze financial data, study growth patterns and review construction, capital improvements, and technology needs for Lewisville ISD. After campus tours and extensive research – and with input from a diverse array of citizens from throughout the district – the committee prioritized a comprehensive $737 million bond package. The committee went to great length to make sure everyone in our community had the opportunity to offer their input.

    Was every Lewisville ISD facility reviewed during the committee process?

    Absolutely. Our citizens bond committee assessed all parts of the district for needs such as new schools and classrooms, renovations, safety, technology, basic improvements and capital upgrades.

    What is going to be addressed by the $737 million bond package?

    The 2017 bond package will provide the schools, classrooms, fine arts facilities, new career and technical center, security upgrades, technology, basic maintenance and renovations that are needed to provide a well-rounded education for our students. It is important to note that the bonds will also fund collaborative learning spaces at select campuses.

    What is the breakdown of spending in the bond package?

    Provided below is a summary of the spending breakdown:

    Existing facilities improvements                    $249.1 million
    New facilities                                                  $205.7 million
    Technology                                                     $99.1 million
    Career & technical ed                                     $71.5 million
    Athletics                                                          $45.1 million
    Fine arts                                                          $38.2 million
    Safety & Security                                            $28.8 million

    Click HERE for more detailed information about the specifics of the bond package. 

    What was the final vote by the Board of Trustees?

    The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees accepted the bond package by a unanimous vote.

    How is the bond package dealing with the basic, day-to-day improvements of district assets?

    The bonds will fund improvements for roofing, flooring, electrical, heating and cooling, while school campuses will be equipped with improved lighting, security cameras and visitor access systems, among other safety and security upgrades.

    Why the need for an additional career and technical center?

    There currently is a waiting list of more than 600 students for other career and technical centers in the district. Listening to the input from parents, the citizens bond committee decided to build another career and technical center to help provide job skills and certifications to better prepare our students to enter college or the workforce after high school.

    Is anything planned for the fast growth areas of the district?

    Yes. With some of the Lewisville ISD schools getting close to overcrowded, these bonds will provide the new schools and additional classrooms needed to keep class sizes small.

    There is $99 million earmarked for technology. What will this pay for?

    The bond package will provide the computers, technology and related technology infrastructure that our educators and parents feel is needed to educate our next generation.

    How will students involved in extracurricular activities be impacted?

    Improvements will take place in athletic and fine arts facilities to assist with the growing student involvement in our championship and award winning extracurricular offerings. 

    What is the plan for Hedrick Middle School and Hedrick Elementary School?

    The new Hedrick Middle School will require a larger footprint, and that will include land where Hedrick Elementary School currently stands. To make room, the elementary school will be retired, and students will be transferred to newer, less crowded elementary schools a short distance from their neighborhood, though these transfers will not take place for another 2-4 years. It is important to note these students will enjoy the same academic opportunities and services they currently enjoy.

    What is going to be the tax impact of the bond package on Lewisville ISD taxpayers?

    The tax impact of the school bond package will be less than $16 per month on the average priced home ($310,000 while the projected property tax rate will remain lower than the 2006 rate).

    What will be the impact on senior citizens in the district?

    Homeowners 65 years of age and older will see no increase in their tax rate because of the senior citizen homestead exemption.

    Most school districts in Texas finance bond packages with 30-year bonds. Will this be the case for Lewisville ISD?

    To provide millions of dollars in interest savings for taxpayers, Lewisville ISD will finance the bond package with shorter 20-year bonds. It’s also important to note that much of the technology and others items with a limited life span will be funded with even shorter term bonds.

    For a bond package of this size, does the district have policies in place to make sure our tax dollars are spent efficiently?

    Yes. Because of the work of our administration and the input of our citizens, Lewisville ISD has earned the highest rating possible from the Texas Education Agency Financial Integrity Rating System for prudent management of our tax dollars. In fact, our property tax rate is lower today than it was in 2006 — even though our enrollment has grown by 6,000 students.

    What is the timeframe for construction/implementation of the projects in the bond package?  

    A timeframe will be determined on a regular annual basis by the Board of Trustees based on district bonding capacity, demographics, capacity concerns, and other district needs. 

    Upon approval of the bond referendum, is the entire amount issued all at once? 

    No. The district will only issue bonds to cover the cost of projects at the time they are needed and approved by the School Board.  

    Who do we contact if we want more information about the bond referendum?

    Please contact us at Lewisville ISD has won numerous awards for transparency and we strive to make sure every voter has the information they need to make an informed decision.