• Lori Rapp

    Dr. Lori Rapp

    Superintendent of Schools


  • D'Ann Bey

    D'Ann Bey

    General Counsel

    Legal Services, Community Grievances, Public Information Requests

  • Amanda Brim

    Amanda Brim

    Chief Communications Officer


    Marketing, Public Relations, External & Internal Communications, PTA & LEF Liaison

  • Melissa Cobb

    Melissa Cobb

    Chief Human Resource Officer


    Staffing (Recruitment, Retention, On-Boarding, Benefits, Compensation, Employee Recognition, Title IX (Employee), Employee Grievances, Employee Engagement, Federal Programs

  • Dr. Sarah Fitzhugh

    Dr. Sarah Fitzhugh

    Chief Executive Director of Accountability & Evaluation


    Program Evaluation, Local Accountability, State Assessment and Accountability, Research, Performance Metrics, PEIMS/Data Integrity Team

  • Adrienne Gall

    Adrienne Gall

    Chief Learning & Teaching Officer


    Elementary & Secondary Curriculum and Programs, Digital Learning, CTE

  • Jeffrey Kajs

    Jeffrey Kajs

    Chief Student Services Officer


    Athletics, Fine Arts, Health Services, Safety and Security, Diversity and Student Engagement, Title IX (Student), Student Grievances, Enrollment/Transfers, Demographics, Student Discipline

  • Bryon Kolbeck

    Bryon Kolbeck

    Chief Technology Officer


    Technical Services, Network Information Systems, Device Management, Records Infrastructure

  • Lori Litchfield

    Lori Litchfield

    Chief Schools Officer


    School Chiefs (ES, ES, MS, HS), Counseling and Social Work Services, Special Education, Professional Learning, Campus Support Services (ESD)

  • Dr. Shawna Miller

    Dr. Shawna Miller

    Chief of Staff


    Strategic Planning, Superintendent Stakeholder Groups, Committees, Task Forces, Initiatives Planning and Management, District Planning Processes

  • Scott Wrehe

    Scott Wrehe

    Chief Financial Officer


    Budget, Payroll, Procurement/Risk Management, Accounts Payable, Facilities, Construction, Contracts (Custodial, Food Service, Transportation)

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