Dual Language

  • School Year 2023-2024




    Lewisville ISD's Dual Language program provides a research-based, instructional model for second language acquisition for native Spanish-speaking students who are acquiring English as a second language. LISD also offers Dual Language opportunities for Non-Native Spanish-speaking students to learn Spanish as a Second Language with their native Spanish-speaking peers. There are two models, which vary by campus:

    • Two-Way: students who are learning Spanish as a second language (Spanish Learners) and students who are learning English as a second language (English Learners) are in the same classroom.  They learn all core subjects in both languages and support one another in learning the other language. 
    • One-Way: all students are learning English as their second language.

    While both models use the same basic curriculum as other LISD classes, the Dual Language program integrates Language Arts and Reading skills in Spanish.

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    Participating Elementary Campuses