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  • New Student Enrollment

    Welcome to LISD! The 2022-2023 school year has started. Please click the New Student button below to get started. 

    New and returning student enrollment takes place through your child's assigned campus. Under our current COVID-19 protocols, most enrollment processes can be conducted virtually if prefer or support is available at the campus in-person. Support and services are available at the LISD Welcome Center for the following:

    • Special enrollment situations requiring the following notarized affidavits or support:

                     Grandparent Care
                     Minor Living Apart
                     Authorization Agreement
                     In loco parentis Enrollment
                     Review of custody or other legal documents

    • Computer access to complete online enrollment forms (this is also available at your child's campus)
    • In and out of district transfer requests (can be completed virtually, in-person visit not required)

    For the safety of our parents, community members, and staff, we are currently providing virtual services whenever possible.  We are happy to accommodate in-person needs by appointment only.  Call 469-713-5206 to make an appointment.

    What if my child is coming from homeschool or an unaccredited school program?

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  • General Transfers
  • The following resources may be helpful to you before or during the enrollment process:

  • Attendance Zone Locator
  • Feeder Patterns
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Special Education
  • Programs of Choice