• FF Logo The job of a firefighter is challenging and rewarding. Firefighting involves extremely hard, skilled physical work; firefighters must be able to handle emergency, life-or-death situations. Firefighters must also be willing learners. Continuing education provided throughout a firefighter’s career keeps them up to date on the newest technologies and latest fire suppression methods. Training in the fire service encompasses many subjects such as emergency medical protocols, building construction, hazardous materials, technical rescue, public education and community relations. Firefighters must have strong social skills and the ability to think and communicate clearly in stressful situations.

    A firefighter’s work schedule is one day on duty and two days off duty (24 hours on/48 hours off). Firefighters must be able to respond quickly, coordinating activities as an effective unit. Under supervision, firefighters will respond to all emergencies including: structure fires, emergency medical calls, vehicle accidents, and technical rescues. Firefighters must be able to work in adverse conditions and keep calm during stressful situations.

    Firefighters perform work activities in a number of areas, including, but not limited to:

    • Participating in daily physical fitness training
    • Maintaining continuing education requirements
    • Presenting fire and life safety education programs
    • Performing fire station, apparatus, and equipment maintenance tasks


    If you are a current 10th grader in LISD and interested in earning a certification in firefighting and missed our informational meeting, or if you have any questions, please email us at firefighter@lisd.net.

    Have questions? Contact firefighter@lisd.net.