• 2022 - 2023 Texas Reading Academies Cohorts

    If you are a K-3 teacher in 2022-2023 and have not yet completed the HB 3 Texas Reading Academies, you will need to be enrolled in the 2022-2023 LISD Cohorts.  See below for more details about which teaching roles are required. LISD is a Local Implementation district with three LISD Cohort Leaders that provide exemplary support throughout the 11 month course. Please complete the form below if you have never completed the Reading Academy.

    • If you have taught at least one year and need to enroll, complete this Enrollment Form.  You will receive the summer launch information and how to register by email. 
      • All LISD Cohorts for current teachers will begin in July 2022.  If you are hired after July 14th, don't worry!  You will still be able to register through August 19, 2022. 
    • If you are a first year teacher in 2022-2023, your cohort will begin in January, and you need to complete this Enrollment Form.

    We look forward to working with you!

    LISD Reading Academy Team

HB 3

  • Reading-academy-supports-for-all-learnersTexas Reading Academies

    HB 3, passed by the Texas Legislature in June 2019, requires all kindergarten through third grade teachers and administrators to participate in the Texas Reading Academies by 2023.  Lewisville ISD believes in a balanced approach to literacy instruction. Therefore, we will support staff by offering Reading Academies to LISD Staff at each campus during the 2022-2023 school year for any of the following instructional roles that have not completed the TX Reading Academies:

    • Kinder teachers
    • 1st grade teachers
    • 2nd grade teachers
    • 3rd grade teachers
    • Dyslexia Interventionists
    • Special Education Classroom Teachers (SDI, AA, ALS, BIC, Comm)
    • Campus Administrators (Principal or Assistant Principal)
    • Any K-3 teachers that were not enrolled during the 2020-2022 school years

    LISD has chosen the Blended Model which is an online module led by LISD Cohort Leaders to allow for personalization of training at district level.  

    Steeped in the Science of Teaching Reading (STR)

    Texas Reading Academies Content includes:

    • Introduction, Overview, Scope, and Sequence
    • Science of Teaching Reading
    • Handbook Only - Establishing a Literacy Community
    • Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction and Tiered Supports and Reading Difficulties
    • Oral Language 
    • Phonological Awareness 
    • Alphabet Knowledge, Print Concepts, and Handwriting
    • Decoding, Encoding, and Word Study 
    • Reading Fluency
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Composition 
    • Bringing It All Together


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