• LISD Texas Reading Academies Cohorts


    (For questions contact Amy Teddy at teddya@lisd.net)


    If you are a newly-hired teacher for Lewisville ISD for the 2024-2025 school year, please read below for the required Reading Academy cohort you will be required to attend.


    How do I know if I need to enroll??

    If you are teaching K-3 in 2024-2025 and have not yet completed the Texas Reading Academies, you will need to enroll in the June 2025 LISD Cohorts. 

    The following positions will need to enroll:

    • 1st Year Teachers for 2024-2025
    • Teachers new to Texas with out-of-state certifications
    • Experienced teachers moving into K-3 positions, K-5 Special Ed positions (SDI, BIC, ALS, AA, Dyslexia, Comm), LAS, or Title Coach/Facilitator Positions that have never completed the RA 
    • New Elementary Principals 
    • Associate teachers that move into Alt Cert by April 2025


    How do I register??

    • The registration survey will open in February 2025.


    When do I attend training??

    For all new hires to LISD for the 2024-2025 school year, your Cohort will start in June 2025.  TEA usually opens the course for registration and training on the second Monday of June and you will be required to attend 2 days in person in June.  Please consider when planning vacation dates. 

    The estimated dates of training will be:

    June 9 - 12  2025

    Unfortunately, until TEA releases the dates, we will not know the exact two dates.

    There will not be July or August dates, so please keep these dates available in order to meet the state requirements. 


    We look forward to working with you!

    LISD Reading Academy Team

HB 3

  • Reading-academy-supports-for-all-learnersTexas Reading Academies

    HB 3, passed by the Texas Legislature in June 2019, requires all kindergarten through third grade teachers and administrators to participate in the Texas Reading Academies by 2023.  Lewisville ISD believes in a balanced approach to literacy instruction. Therefore, we will support staff by offering Reading Academies to LISD Staff through local implementation. The following teacher positions are required to complete the TX Reading Academies in LISD:

    • Kinder teachers
    • 1st grade teachers
    • 2nd grade teachers
    • 3rd grade teachers
    • Dyslexia Interventionists
    • LAS
    • Instructional Coaches/Facilitators
    • Special Education Classroom Teachers (SDI, AA, ALS, BIC, Comm)
    • Campus Administrators (Principal or Assistant Principal)

    LISD Cohort Leaders will lead our cohorts to allow for personalization of training at district level.  

    Steeped in the Science of Teaching Reading (STR)

    Texas Reading Academies Content includes:

    • Introduction, Overview, Scope, and Sequence
    • Science of Teaching Reading
    • Handbook Only - Establishing a Literacy Community
    • Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction and Tiered Supports and Reading Difficulties
    • Oral Language 
    • Phonological Awareness 
    • Alphabet Knowledge, Print Concepts, and Handwriting
    • Decoding, Encoding, and Word Study 
    • Reading Fluency
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Composition 
    • Bringing It All Together


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