• P: (469) 713-5204 | F: (972) 350-9456 | 1597 S. Edmonds Lane, Lewisville, TX 75067

    Service Response Center: (469) 948-7820

    After Hours Emergency: (469) 446-1480

    Business Hours: Mon to Fri, 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

    The LISD Facility Services Department will be leaders in customer service while providing a safe, comfortable, instructionally supportive learning environment utilizing industry best practices.


    Facility Services is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of all district facilities and grounds.

    Facility Services also consists of the following areas: 

    •  SRC: Service Response Center

    • Energy Management: Supervision of computer-based energy management system, including scheduling of air-conditioning and heating for evening, weekend and holiday usage of facilities.

    • Facility Rentals: Coordinate rentals of facilities to community organizations.

    • Waste Management: Coordinate disposal of waste products for all facilities.

    • Distribution Center Maintains Facility Services inventory, mail delivery, moving, and auction/disposal of district property. 

    Facilities Assessment: 2023 Facility Assessment


    Awards & Recognitions

    • 2006-2008 Facilities Masters Award for Excellence in School System Facility Operation Program presented by Association of School Business Officials (ASBO)(Award discontinued in 2009).

    • 2009 Pinnacle of Excellence Award for "Better Buildings Begin Here - Achieving Customer Service through Innovative Facilities Initiatives" Program presented by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO).  Only 4 Pinnacle awards are given each year - the "Excellence Award" is the top award of these 4. 

    • 2019 AEE’s (Association of Energy Engineers) International Institutional Energy Management Award.
    • 2021 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award 
    • 2022 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award
    • 2023 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award