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  • The education of our students is a partnership between LISD and the communities we serve. Advocate for our future generations by becoming well-versed in LISD's Legislative Priorities. Use the resources linked below to find your voice.

  • Special Session | Nov. 7
    Topic: School Funding

    Governor Greg Abbott called for a special session to begin November 7 to address school funding issues and education savings accounts, otherwise known as vouchers.

    Advocating for public schools is an act of community responsibility that promotes educational access, economic growth, and the overall prosperity of our communities. It empowers citizens to shape the future of education and create a brighter tomorrow for Texas. Let your voice be heard, and advocate for our schools!

    At October's regularly scheduled board meeting, the LISD Board of Trustees took action to adopt an additional legislative priority for the Special Session.

    LISD supports an increase to the Basic Allotment and addressing the unfunded mandates placed on Texas public schools. Public schools are not able to mitigate the impact of inflation and are faced with cutting programs and support for teachers and students. Full access to adequate funding for all school districts is critical to providing adequate programs that meet student needs.

    Public dollars require public accountability. Texas public schools are held to rigorous accountability standards. Private schools do not have the same standards and requirements. Ensuring any diversion of public funds to a non-publicly accountable individual and/or institution will require compliance with all state accountability measures and state requirements already placed on public schools to ensure transparency.

    Steps to Make Your Voice Heard

    1. Share what you've heard with your circle of influence.
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    3. Determine who represents you (lisd.net/reps)
    4. Make phone calls or write emails/letters to your elected officials using the resources below.
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  • Good News to Reference
    LISD is full of impactful stories to share with our legislators. Learn more about our district by exploring LISD's Four Cornerstones and reading about the stories related to these district guiding principles.

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