• Lewisville ISD is a district rooted in deep tradition, where a quiet Texas town of farmers paved the way for the communities we serve today. With generations dating back to the late 1800’s, Lewisville ISD has a long history of providing quality K-12 education to the communities it serves. 

    Academic excellence. Renowned fine arts. Storied athletic programs. Resources for all students. The common denominator?

    Lewisville Independent School District. 

    Other educational institutions may come and go, but we have been and will always be there for our students, families and communities. Explore the history of Lewisville ISD, the foundation for generations to come.


  • The LISD Chronicles video series follows the beginnings of Lewisville ISD, from historical figures and traditions, to great triumphs and impactful stories that make up the history of our schools. From a district with one building housing all 12 grades, to now 69 campuses filled with more than 48,000 students, we are ONE Lewisville ISD.

  • Lewisville High School
    "Not a pep club"

    In the pilot episode of the LISD Chronicles, we look into the origins of Lewisville High School's Rowdy Crowd and the beginning of the Boneheads as told by founders Everette Newland, Dixie McMath, Jarrod Goodman, Clay Yocum, Jacob Taylor & Keira Connor. 

  • Hebron High School 
    "Who brought the wood?"

    In this episode of the LISD Chronicles, we dive into the history of Hebron High School's Bring the Wood, as told by the original creators Sam Harrison, Charles Hasley & Brandon McCain. Interviews include Hugh Jones, Scot Finch, Amy Boughton, Brian Brazil, Karin Keeney, Steve Stone, Trenton Bronaugh, Hannah Redrow and others.

  • The Colony Cougar mascot on torn paper

    The Colony High School
    Coming Soon

  • Marcus HIgh School "M" on torn paper

    Marcus High School
    Coming Soon

  • Flower Mound Jaguars Mascot on torn paper

    Flower Mound High School
    Coming Soon

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