HBCU College Fair

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    What is the LISD HBCU College Fair?
    This event features representatives and alumni from more than 20 HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) as well as various organizations, giving Lewisville ISD students the opportunity to learn more about HBCUs. #LISDHBCU

    In 2019, LISD held its first HBCU College Fair. More than 200 high school students from across the district attended the inaugural event which was held Feb. 1 at Marcus High School 9th Grade Campus. There are 107 colleges in the United States that are identified by the US Department of Education as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). See the full list here.

    If you have any questions regarding HBCU College Fair, please contact:

    FMHS 9th - Mrs. Sartor in the counseling office or email sartork@lisd.net 

    FMHS - Mrs. Swan - Assistant Principal located in Suite C or email swanl@lisd.net 

    Hebron 9th - Mr. Hughes in the counseling office or email hughesd@lisd.net 

    Hebron - Ms. Hood in the counseling office or email hoodm@lisd.net

    LHS Harmon - Mr. Humphries in the AP office or email humphriespa@lisd.net

    LHS Killough - Mrs. Wilson in the AP office or email wilsonl@lisd.net

    LHS - Mrs. Mosby in the counseling office or email mosbys@lisd.net 

    Marcus 9th - Ms. McFarland in the counseling office or email mcfarlandh@lisd.net 

    Marcus – Mrs. Beck in counseling office or email beckcm@lisd.net

    TCHS - Ms. Felicien in the AP office or email at felicient@lisd.net 


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