About Military Readiness

  • LISD is proud of our students that choose a path of service to our country in the Armed Forces or Texas National Guard as their next step after graduation.  Not only will students take with them the knowledge and problem-solving skills that come with a high school diploma, but the perseverance and sense of pride in serving others that defines our military. 

    Junior ROTC or JROTC is an federally-sponsored high school program that educates and trains students to develop a leadership mentality, attention to detail, and a problem-solving skill set that aims to benefit the school, community, and the cadets.  JROTC is offered at each of the LISD high school campuses.  Participation in JROTC does not require a military service commitment, but rather emphasizes life skills necessary to be a strong leader and citizen in preparation for life after high school.

    Students may demonstrate their readiness for the military (CCMR) by completing the following after graduation:

    • Enlist in the US Armed Forces or the Texas National Guard 
    • Complete the DD Form 4 Enlistment/ Reenlistment Document- Armed Forces of the US and send to the home high school campus as soon as possible after enlistment
    • The DD Form 4 must include all required signatures by the student and enlistment officer
    • Contact your campus counselor for timeline to submit the forms back to the campus