• Instructional Resources

    Lewisville ISD is committed to providing exceptional educational resources to help engage students in exceptional educational opportunities. 

    Instructional resources are educational aids or materials intended to be used by all students for instructional purposes. These may include textbooks, online materials, videos, or other media. Books and other resources are also made available to students through campus or classroom libraries. Library books are intended for voluntary use by students as they self-select independent reading materials, and are not intended to be the primary source of instruction. 

    Whether textbooks, library books, or digital educational applications, Lewisville ISD is dedicated to providing exceptional, age-appropriate resources for all students. 

    Instructional resources are selected to meet the requirements of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the needs of the District's adopted curriculum. Additionally, library books are chosen based on the support they can provide to the curriculum, personal interests of students, and recommendations by employees, parents, and students. 

    This site is intended to provide information on the governance of instructional resources, as well as information for those who have questions or want to challenge the appropriateness of resources the District provides to students. 

    LISD Board Policy guides the selection of Instructional Resources:

    The following principles shall guide the Board and staff in responding to challenges of instructional resources:

    A complainant may raise an objection to an instructional resource used in a school’s educational program, despite the fact that the professional staff selecting the resources were qualified to make the selection, followed the proper procedure, and adhered to the objectives and criteria for instructional resources set out in this policy.

    ​​A parent’s ability to exercise control over reading, listening, or viewing matter extends only to his or her own child.

    Access to a challenged resource shall not be restricted during the reconsideration process, except the District may deny access to a child if requested by the child’s parent.

    The major criterion for the final decision on challenged resources is the appropriateness of the resource for its intended educational use. No challenged instructional resource shall be removed solely because of the ideas expressed therein.