About MTSS

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a framework that focuses on intervention best practices within the areas of academics, behavior, and mental health supports for the whole child. Tiers are based on student needs and increase the level of support provided, from Tier 1 (prevention for all students) to Tier 2 (targeted intervention) to Tier 3 (intensive intervention). The goal of MTSS is to find struggling students early and quickly provide intervention. The system uses interventions proven by research to meet a student’s needs. Progress monitoring data is used to make decisions about movement between the tiers.

    As a parent or staff member, you should contact the campus to get assistance for your child or student through the MTSS team.  

    MTSS is:

    • a problem-solving approach
    • an intervention plan for GROWTH
    • an evidence-based framework

    MTSS is not:

    • an action verb
    • a place or a room on the campus
    • a pathway to Special Education