• Developmental milestones provide information to parents about the approximate age that children, on average, can do certain things. However, every child develops at his or her own rate. If your child is significantly delayed in developing skills as compared to these milestones, contact your health care provider or Early Childhood Intervention Services of Texas (ECI).

    ECI helps babies and toddlers with disabilities or delays in their development. ECI supports families through education and family services to help their children reach their potential. Services are provided in home and community settings and help children learn basic skills as part of their families’ daily routines.

    Services for children could include:

    • Screening & assessments, including hearing & vision
    • Physical, occupational, speech & language therapy
    • Activities to develop learning and eating skills
    • Activities to help social & emotional development
    • Nutritional services

    Services for families could include:

    • Education & counseling
    • Coordination of needed social-health services
    • Access to support group

    All screenings and evaluations are provided at no cost to families. All other services are provided on a sliding-fee scale. No family is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.