Birth to Three

  • If your infant has a medically diagnosed disability or doesn’t seem to be developing at the same pace as other babies or toddlers of the same age, he or she may be eligible to receive services through Early Childhood Intervention (ECI). ECI is a statewide program that supports families to help their children reach their potential.

    Research proves that the earlier a child receives intervention and services, the better he or she will grow developmentally. For a child with a speech delay, “services” may mean speech therapy. For a child with Cerebral Palsy, “services” may be more comprehensive, including physical and occupational therapies and perhaps assistive technology or nursing services.

    ECI provides evaluations and assessments for children aged birth to three years, at no cost to families, to determine if the child is eligible for services.  After determining eligibility, ECI will recommend services that will best help the infant in his or her development.