About College Readiness

  • If college is a future step, students have many opportunities in LISD to develop a set of knowledge, skills and behaviors that a student should have as they prepare for their first year of college.  These skills are introduced and nurtured in elementary school and developed in middle and high school as students explore opportunities for challenging coursework.

    Secondary students have a wide variety of courses to choose from based on their future goals.  In the core content areas, LISD is proud to offer a variety of Honors courses that are open to all secondary students.  The purpose of these courses is to meet the needs of students eager to engage in a challenging curriculum as they consider multiple pathways that will lead to future college and career success.

    Honors courses will offer an additional layer of depth and complexity applied to the standard core content alongside the high expectations and authentic learning experiences found in all LISD courses.  Depth and complexity applied to the standard curriculum offers rich learning experiences for students interested in taking on the challenge of advanced coursework.


    For additional information about Honors courses in LISD, please visit the Advanced Academics: Honors page.