Lewisville ISD's Four Cornerstones

  • In Lewisville ISD (LISD), our promise to our students, staff, parents and the communities we serve is simple – All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create. This phrase illustrates who we are as a district, and demonstrates LISD’s fundamental organizational values.

    But how do we ensure we fulfill our mission of designing and implementing a learning organization that provides engaging, innovative experiences every day?

    Our vision is built on four cornerstones: Student Learning, Student Experience, Community Engagement and Resource Stewardship. These guiding principles underscore our commitment to real innovation and limitless opportunities for each of our students.

    LISD Cornerstones

    Student Learning

    • Profound learning for students occurs when we provide meaningful and relevant educational opportunities.
    • In LISD, we are preparing the dreamers to be the doers by developing engaged, collaborative learners who are equipped for success.

    Student Experience

    • A thriving student experience comes from an environment that engages and connects students to each other and with staff.
    • In LISD, we know students thrive when they are engaged in their learning and feel a sense of belonging in our schools.
    • When students are provided enriching opportunities outside the classroom, they will find success not only in school but in their lives beyond our hallways.

    Community Engagement

    • We believe education is a shared responsibility between our district and the communities we serve. 
    • Community engagement is critical to the success of LISD.
    • Through intentional strategic partnerships at the campus and district level, we can tap into the deep well of community support for LISD to forge stronger bonds with our stakeholders and develop relationships to benefit schools, local businesses and the community. 

    Resource Stewardship

    • In LISD, when we say we want to be good stewards of our resources, we aren't just talking about taxpayer dollars.
    • Resource stewardship is about three things: our time, talent and treasure.
    • Strike a positive work/life balance with our time; 
    • Nurture our talents as educators through meaningful professional learning; 
    • Manage our treasure in a fiscally responsible way while still meeting student needs.