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  • Donna Henry          Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!


    At no time in history have secondary students had so much agency in designing personalized learning pathways. The A la Carte blended learning model adopted by Lewisville ISD in 2014 serves as the foundation of a robust course choice program that allows students to select from face-to-face, blended, and online courses.

    Each modality supports student learning in unique ways and, for the first time that I can recall in my 30+ years in education, teachers are truly able to personalize and differentiate instruction for all learners. Technology tools, adaptive learning software, and evolving curriculum and pedagogies drive part of this, but new blended learning models operationalize the possibilities in ways never before imagined.

     The Virtual Learning Academy staff is proud to support secondary campuses as they implement their blended learning plans in their face-to-face, blended, and credit recovery classes. And we are thrilled to be able to provide an increasing number of online courses designed and taught by VLA staff or offered through the Texas Virtual School Network.

    We are glad you are a part of our blendED family.  Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you, as students, parents or school staff, as you explore the many possibilities of blended learning.

    Donna Henry

    Director Virtual Learning

    henryd@lisd.net / 972-350-1846 / @LISDblendED

VLA Course Dates


    VLA 2018 Summer Session 

    Now Accepting Online Course Requests!


    2018 Summer
    Full-Credit Course

    2018 Summer
    Half-Credit Courses

    A TERM:

    4/9/2018 – 6/8/2018

    Drop Deadline:

    Course Dates:
    6/11/2018 – 7/3/2018

    B TERM:

    4/9/2018 – 6/8/2018

    Drop Deadline:

    Course Dates:
    7/5/2018 – 8/3/2018

    0.5 CREDIT

    4/9/2018 – 6/8/2018

    Drop Deadline:

    Course Dates:
    6/11/2018 – 8/3/2018


    NOTE: Courses offered through the Texas Virtual School Network have different registration deadlines and start-and-end dates.  Please consult the Virtual Learning catalog for specific information about your course.


  • Online Courses Provided by Lewisville ISD


    Algebra 1

    Algebra 2

    AP English 4

    Art 1

    American Sign Language 1

    Creative Writing


    English 3

    English 4


    Latin 1

    Latin 2

    Math Models

    Professional Communications

    Personal Fitness

    US Government

    US History

    World Geography


    *Course availability subject to change*


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