• How much do VLA online classes cost?

    • Inside the School Day: For high school students, there is no charge for a class if taken as a substitute for one or more of the 4 regularly scheduled classes and the class is one that is taught by VLA faculty.
    • Outside the School Day: If you are taking an LISD VLA online class as an additional or 5th class period to supplement your schedule may be assessed a fee of $50 to $175 per half credit based on your lunch plan. These classes are taught by VLA faculty.
    • Middle school students: Middle school students taking these one of the high school classes to supplement their schedule may be assessed a fee of $50 to $175 per half credit based on the student's lunch plan. These classes are taught by VLA faculty.
    • Not taught by VLA Faculty: Courses taken through the Texas Virtual School Network may be assesed a fee of $200 to $400 per half credit


    VLA Summer courses

    • Taught by VLA Faculty: A fee of $50 to $175 per half credit may be assessed based on your lunch plan.
    • Not taught by VLA Faculty: Courses taken through the Texas Virtual School Network may be assesed a fee of $200 to $400 per half credit



  • How to pay for a VLA Course


    Option 1: Skyward Family Access (Most Popular)

     The fee for your online course is available to be paid through Skyward Family Access (PARENT ACCOUNT ONLY).


    1. Navigate to Skyward Family Access.

    2. Select: Fee Management

    3. Select: Make a Payment. (Be sure you have choosen the correct child and campus if you have more than one child attending LISD)

    4. Choose: Update Payment Amount.

    5. Check the box for "Pay Charge" or "eCheck"


    1. Card Number
    2. Expiration
    3. Name on Card

    Choose ADD ECHECK

    1. Routing Number
    2. Account Number
    3. Name on Account

    6. Select: Update Cart.

    7. Choose: Pay with Vendor (you will be taken to Revtrak, our Online vendor for Credit Card Payments. The account used there is also used to pay charges for Lunch. You will need to create a new account if you have never payed online for LISD before)

    *If you do not know your Family Access account information, please contact the student's home campus.




    Option 2: LISD Web Store

    If you would like to submit your payment directly through the LISD Web Store, please follow the steps below.


    • Visit the LISD Web Store.
    • Log in or create an account (if you have never paid online for anything at the LISD Web Store).
    • Select the Virtual Learning Payments button.
    • Select TXVSN pathway.
    • Add or select student use LISD Student ID number (found in Skyward)
    • Continue to follow the prompts for fees.  See above for course fee itemization. 
    • Choose either eCheck or Debit/Credit card.
    • Enter your financial information as required. 

    Step by step image of how to access LISD Web store



  • Option 3: Pay in Person / Send Payment 


    Paying in Person:

    You may bring your payment to the Virtual Learning Academy Office located at the Lewisville Learning Center (Door 6 on side of the building). You must schedule a date/time in advance to make sure there is a VLA team member present and available to take your payment. *The LLC front office staff does not accept VLA payments. 

    Sending Payment through Mail:

    We ask that you please DO NOT send Cash through the Mail.

    Payable to: 

    LISD Virtual Learning Academy

    *Please include your child's student ID and course(s).

    Virtual Learning Academy
    c/o Lewisville Learning Center
    Attention: Chris Bigenho
    1601 S. Edmonds Lane
    Lewisville, TX 75067