• Lewisville ISD is a leader in Texas and the nation in providing flexible learning opportunities for secondary students.  

    The LISDblendED program gives students agency in designing their personalized learning pathways. In this A la Carte model, middle and high school students self-blend at the course level and may choose from three instructional models:

    • Traditional Courses
      • Students meet face-to-face at the campus.
      • Students engage in robust digital learning experiences.
    • BlendED courses-Middle School
      • Students meet as a whole class and have Flexible Mobility to work in flexible learning spaces throughout the campus on online days.
      • Students work independently, in small groups, and with the teacher on online days.
      • BlendED courses allow for a high level of personalization.
    • Enriched Virtual blendED Courses-High School
      • Students meet face-to-face on campus two days a week and work online three days a week. Students do not have to be physically present on online days.
      • Students have Flexibile Mobility to collaborate with their peers or meet with their teachers during an online day for one-on-one or small group support.
      • Enriched Virtual courses allow for a high level of personalization.
    • Online Courses
      • Online learning is the backbone of student learning.  Students work online at a place and time to be determined by the student. Students do not have to be physically present on campus to take an online course.
      • Online courses are offered through the LISD Virtual Learning Academy and the Texas Virtual School Network.
      • Online students receive personalized attention through campus visits by their online teachers and through real-time learning via synchronous tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google.

    Online and blended courses are available to secondary students within the school day and as supplemental outside the school day.  With LISDblendED, students have some level of control over time, place, path and/or pace.  Flexible learning opportunities such as these ensure students develop as self-directed learners and support the district vision that all our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create.  The Virtual Learning Academy staff support and facilitate the LISDblendED program.