Secondary ELA

  • The purpose of the English Language Arts (ELA) program is to develop students' literacy levels to ensure college and career readiness. Student-focused, the ELA program emphasizes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. The courses in English Language Arts combine these processes through a heavy emphasis on reading and writing to ensure that students have the best preparation to succeed in everything they will do in their literate lives.
    Language Arts teachers have the expertise to ask, explore, and help students answer fundamental questions about language, among them: 
    • How do readers, viewers, and listeners use devices, structures, language, and/or images to understand meaning? 
    • What's my strategy for reading this text? How do I know if it's working? What do I do if I get stuck? 
    • What am I bringing to the text? What am I getting from it? Is it the same as other readers? What am I learning from the conversation with others and the text? 
    • What makes this text enduring? 
    • How do the stories people tell give insight into who they are? 
    • What do I want my audience to know, feel, and/or do as a result of our conversation? How does that affect the choices I make? 
    • How do I use devices, structures, language, and/or images to construct and convey meaning? 
    • How do my intent, audience, and format influence the rules I follow and the word, phrase, and sentence choices I make? 
    • How can I use text evidence to support an opinion? 
    • How can I use the text to help me determine the author's purpose? 
    To learn more about our middle and high school course offerings, please visit the Course Description Guides
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