• All campuses have a limited amount of space for transfers. Even when a campus has capacity, some grade levels may have little or no available space. In addition, LISD offers opportunities for participation in several programs of choice including its STEM Academies, Collegiate Academy, Discovery Academies, World Language programs and more. These programs require a separate application process and should NOT be requested through the district’s transfer form. More information about these special programs may be found at lisd.net/choice. Please see the information below regarding which campuses are closed and/or have limited space for transfers.

    Campuses closed to transfers except students selected for the STEM Academy(Learn more HERE)

    Donald ES
    Polser ES
    Valley Ridge ES
    Bridlewood ES

    Campuses closed to transfers except for students accepted for the Spanish Immersion Program: (Learn more HERE)

    Hicks ES

    Campuses closed to transfers except for students accepted into the Dual Language Program: (Learn more HERE)

    Camey ES
    Vickery ES
    Independence ES
    Southridge ES

    Campuses with very limited or no available space for transfers:

    Bluebonnet ES
    Castle Hills ES
    Central ES
    McAuliffe ES
    DeLay MS
    Durham MS
    Killian MS
    Lewisville HS – Harmon
    Rockbrook ES