• Students may not enroll or continue attendance at school unless the minimum state vaccine requirements have been met. 

    2024-2025 K-12 Texas State Vaccine Requirements, in English and Spanish

    2024-2025 Vaccine Requirements for Pre-K in English and Spanish

    Low Cost or Free Immunization Clinics:

    In accordance with Department of State Health Services (DSHS) policy, the free and reduced vaccine programs funded by Texas Vaccines for Children will only serve:

    • CHIP: A child who is enrolled in the CHIP program
    • Medicaid: A child who is enrolled in the Medicaid program
    • Uninsured: A child who has no health insurance coverage
    • American Indian or Alaskan Native
    • Underinsured (*New Definition*): A child whose health insurance does not include vaccines; a child whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (TVFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only); or a child whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. Once that coverage amount is reached, the child is categorized as underinsured.

    If you have insurance with vaccine coverage, you are no longer eligible for free or reduced vaccine services previously offered through the Denton County Health Department and other providers. Insured children will be required to receive vaccinations from their primary care providers. If you are not sure of your coverage, please contact your insurance carrier. 

    Exemptions of Immunization Requirements

    Chapter §97.62 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) describes the conditions under which individuals can seek exemptions from Texas immunization requirements. Exclusions from compliance are allowable on an individual basis for medical contraindications, reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, and active duty with the armed forces of the United States.

    Information on obtaining an exemption for immunizations and answers to frequently asked questions are available at

    Call your school nurse if you have any questions or would like her to review your child's record.