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  • Transfer Requests for the 2022-2023 School Year are CLOSED. If you submitted a transfer request for the 2022-23 school year, our decision timeline is mid-May and most requests will be processed by that time. Our volume is very large and it may take until that time for your request to be processed. A decision about your requested transfer will be delivered via email. We are unable to provide any status updates prior to mid-May.

    Transfers may be requested by students residing in and out of LISD who want to attend a school other than the one zoned for their address.  Please see the FAQs and other transfer information above about the transfer process and criteria for approval.

    Do you live in LISD AND already have transfer? 
    That transfer is approved to stay at the current campus and in the feeder pattern all the way through 12th grade and graduation. You do NOT need to ask for a new transfer unless you actually want to change schools or feeder patterns.  If you want to return to your zoned campus, please do NOT complete a transfer form.  Call 469-713-5206 for assistance in cancelling your transfer.

    Do you live outside of LISD AND already have a transfer?
    Out of district students must request a transfer every school year.  If you missed the open windows for 2022-23, please call 469-713-5206 for assistance.

    Since the transfer window is closed, the following are the ONLY reasons transfers would be accepted for the 2022-23 school year:

    • Students new to LISD who would like to request an IN or OUT of district transfer prior to enrollment/attendance 
    • Current LISD students who have moved and would like to request a transfer to remain at their current campus or the next feeder pattern campus in promotional grades
    • Current LISD students attending with an out of district transfer who forgot to make the required annual transfer request to remain at their current school or next year feeder school for 2022-2023
    • District employee assigned to a new campus or newly hired after the transfer window closed 

    If your child meets one of the circumstances above we can work with you virtually to complete the transfer process. Please call Community Services at 469-713-5206 for assistance.  Please leave a voicemail including your name and contact number if no answer and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.