• LISD serves eligible four-year-old students in both half-day and full-day state-funded prekindergarten classes. Students must be 4 years old on/before September 1 of the school year for PreK enrollment. Full-day classes are on a limited number of campuses. Four-year-old students who qualify are guaranteed a spot in the LISD PreK program, however full-day PreK is subject to campus availability.

    Students must qualify for free state-funded prekindergarten by one of the following criteria:

    • Learning English as a second language
    • Income
    • Homeless
    • Dependent of a member of the military on active duty, injured or killed while on active duty
    • Currently or have ever been in state foster care
    • Dependent of an individual who received the Star of Texas Award

    How do I know what campus my PreK child would attend?

    • Find the 2022-23 campus with prekindergarten that you are zoned for HERE.

    How do I enroll my child in PreK for 2022-23?

    If your child is eligible for state-funded PreK, you can complete the NEW LISD STUDENT ENROLLMENT forms in Skyward starting Jan. 25, 2022 for 2022-23 enrollment. PreK qualification begins April 11, 2022. Once Skyward online enrollment forms are submitted, the campus Attendance Clerk will reach out to you about next steps and can assist with any enrollment questions or concerns. Find the registrar for your child's campus HERE

    Watch the video below for more information on how to enroll your PreK child.

    PreK Transfer Request Information

    • If you need to request a PreK transfer, please contact the Attendance Clerk at your child's zoned school with PreK to communicate your request.
      • If a Transfer Request is necessary, the clerk will assist you by providing the request form.
    • LISD enrolls PreK eligible 4-year-old students.
    • LISD does not enroll PreK eligible 3 year olds.
    • Transfer approval or denial will be based on space availability. Click Transfer Guidelines for more information.
    • PreK transfer requests are approved for limited reasons. 
      • Transfer requests are not granted on the basis of seeking a full day PreK class. Full day PreK is offered at a limited number of campuses, with limited space available while under a state granted waiver. Students who qualify for prekindergarten are guaranteed a spot in our pre-k program, however free full-day pre-k is subject to campus availability. Full day spaces are available on a first-come-first-serve basis only for students zoned for campuses with a full day class. 
    • Most transfer requests will not be processed until August/ September of 2023.
    • A PreK Transfer is only in effect for prekindergarten. Parents wishing to have their child attend kindergarten at a location other than their home campus must submit a transfer request during the Kindergarten open transfer window. An approval of a prekindergarten transfer does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the next feeder school.
    • The school principal may revoke a transfer and return the student to the home school if there are excessive absences, tardies, or occasions when the student is picked up late, if the student violates disciplinary rules at the new school, or if there is a lack of parental cooperation. Revocations of a transfer may not be appealed beyond the building principal.  
    • Find the 2021-22 campus with prekindergarten that you are zoned for HERE.
    • Find the 2022-23 campus with prekindergarten that you are zoned for HERE.

    LISD offers a tuition-based, full-day PreK program through Discovery Academy at four elementary campuses. Learn more at
    Discovery Academy logo


  • My child has never been enrolled in LISD:

  • What if I am interested in a transfer to a different Pre-K campus?

  • What documentation is required for enrollment in prekindergarten?