• If you previously had active students in the district and need to enroll a new student, please follow these steps:
    STEP 1: Contact the campus at which you plan on enrolling the new student and request the login information for your previous account.
    Not sure which campus your child will attend? Use our School Locator.
    STEP 2: Select the Skyward Icon on the LISD home page and then the login option.

    STEP 3: Change the Login Area to: Enrollment Access and login using the Family Access account.

    STEP 4: Select the New Student Enrollment option from the left menu. If there is old information which you cannot change, the campus staff processing your application can correct that for you.

    STEP 5: Go to the campus that the student will attend.  You can also call ahead for an appointment to be sure the registrar will be available to complete your enrollment when you visit. Bring the documents listed below and the campus will let you know if any other information needs to be updated when you meet with the registrar.

    Documentation to bring to the campus

    • Proof of residency - Choose ONE of the following:
      • gas, water, or electric bill from the current or previous month
      • contract on new home indicating expected occupation within the current semester
      • rental lease agreement ONLY if utilities are included in the lease
    • Immunization records if needed since previous enrollment - please visit our Health Services page for more information on required immunizations 
    • Parent driver's license
    • Records from the most recent school where your child was enrolled