• Transfer Appeal Process


    If you have requested a transfer that has been denied, you may appeal that decision by sending a letter addressed to the Chief of Schools.  The appeal will be reviewed and you will receive a response by mail or email. The letter should include all information you would like to be considered. The appeal process may take several weeks.

    It is our goal to approve as many transfers as possible for students who meet the transfer guidelines.  However, space at all campuses is limited by class size limits, staffing, and building capacity.

    • If your transfer to an elementary campus was denied due to space/capacity, an appeal IS NOT PERMITTED and will not be accepted.
    • If your transfer to a secondary campus was denied due to space/capacity, you may appeal, but it is highly unlikely that this decision would be changed upon appeal.

    The letter must be received within 10 school days of receiving the transfer denial decision.  Due to COVID-19 related school closure, transfer appeals are only accepted by email at this time.  Send your appeal to LISDtransfers@lisd.net