Spanish Immersion FAQ's

  • #1) When does the enrollment period start and close?

    The first step in the enrollment process is to attend a Parent Information Meeting.  The information meetings are held in January in anticipation of the following academic school year.  (For example, meetings are held in January 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year).  Access to the application is given after all parent meetings have taken place. 

    #2) I didn't know about the parent information meeting.  How did you communicate this information?

    Parent information meeting dates are communicated through the main LISD website, department website, Wellington and Hicks websites and their marquees, social media, through currently enrolled families and to all licensed child care facilities within the LISD boundaries.

    #3) Do you have to live in LISD to apply?

    Students who are eligible to attend LISD schools under Enrollment- Transfer Guidelines may also apply.  However, students who do not reside in LISD must be approved through the transfer process.  Students who are not eligible to transfer under these guidelines are not able to apply for the Spanish Immersion Program.  

    #4) Do you have to live in the Wellington and Hicks zone to apply?

    No. You do not have to live in those zones, but you must be an LISD resident or be eligible to attend LISD schools with a transfer.  However, priority is given to those who live in Wellington and Hicks zones. 

    #5) Am I considered an LISD resident if we are in the process of moving?

    No.  Only students who are currently residing within LISD boundaries at the time of application will be considered.  Proof of current residency is confirmed through a utility bill in the family's name.  The students who are eligible to attend per LISD Enrollment- Transfer Guidelines and whose transfer has been approved may also apply to the program.

    #6) Who is given priority in the initial process?

    Siblings of LISD (in-district per address)) students who are currently in the program are given priority. 

    In regards to the remaining spots for Wellington, half of the available spots are reserved for Wellington zoned students per the family's residence.  The other half is reserved for non-Wellington students with home addresses feeding into Flower Mound High School. Students are then selected in order of receipt of the completed application. 

    In regards to the remaining spots for Hicks, priority is given to students zoned to Hicks per the family's residence.  Within the Hicks zoned category, students are selected in order of receipt of the completed application.  If there are remaining spots available, non-Hicks students whose home addresses feeding into Hebron High School are selected in order of receipt of the completed application.

    Out-of-district students are considered after LISD students with completed applications have been given a spot.

    #7) Do I have to attend a parent information meeting?

    Yes. Attendance (and sign-in) at a parent information meeting is the initial step in the enrollment process.  All attendance sheets are verified prior to officially granting a spot in the program.

    #8) If I missed the application window, will I still have a chance to apply?

    This answer varies from year to year, as it depends on the space available at each grade level and the length of the waitlist of those who applied during the designated window.

    #9) Do I have to complete transfer paperwork if my child is accepted into the program, but does not live in the Hicks/Wellington zone?

    Yes.  Any student who is not zoned to Hicks and Wellington may be asked to complete transfer paperwork prior to being enrolled at the school.  There is a designated window for this process.  More information is available through Student Services at (469) 713-5206. 

    #10) Our children are older (2nd through 5th grades).  Can we still apply?

    Yes.  However, older students will need to take a language assessment prior to being accepted. Students must demonstrate on level understanding through the assessment to be considered. There must also be space available in those grade levels.

    #11) How long do families stay on the waitlist?

    This varies year to year and is based on the availability in the grade level at each campus. 

    #12) My child has some background in Spanish.  Will he/she have priority?

    Having a background in Spanish is a great asset for the student.  However, due to the high demand and limited space of the program, priority is given to those who are zoned to Hicks and Wellington.  Please refer to Question 6 for further information. 

    #13) I have twins.  Would it be possible that one twin is accepted and the other is not?

    No. Twins are accepted together.

    #14) I attended the parent information meeting, but I forgot to sign in.  What can I do?

    Unfortunately, due to the volume of families who attend the meetings, we are unable to verify individual attendance without a signature or sign-in.  Please consider attending another meeting in order to complete the registration process.

    #15) I applied very early when the application opened.  Why didn't my child receive a spot in the program?

    Many families apply very quickly when the application opens.   Please refer to Question 6.

    #16) How can I find out what number my child is on the waitlist?

    Please email if you would like waitlist information.  Waitlist information is given as "Group 1", "Group 2", etc... Each group is defined as 10 students.  Please know that as soon as spots are available, students who are next on the waitlist are contacted immediately.   

    #17) What can I do to make my application stronger?

    Please refer to Question 6.

    #18) If we didn't receive a Kinder spot for this year, does our spot on the 1st grade roll over to the next year? Do I have to attend another meeting?

    Yes. However, 1st grade entry is also dependent upon space in the program.  Additional overall academic performance from Kinder will also be considered.  It is not necessary to attend another parent information meeting.

    #19) If we didn't receive a 1st grade spot for this year, does our spot on the 2nd grade list roll over to the next year?

    No. However, those who would like to be considered for a spot in the second grade may take a language assessment and continue to remain on the waitlist.  This request must be made separately by contacting  Please refer to Question 10.

    #20) Once we have a spot in the program, do we need to reapply each year?

    No.  However, every family must sign an updated Memorandum of Understanding each year through the campus.

    #21) What happens after elementary school?

    Students have the option of continuing their Spanish studies through an advanced language course in middle school.  For more detailed information about the nature of these courses and to see a list of schools that offer advanced courses, please refer to: .

    #22) Do I have to start the enrollment process all over if I choose to continue participating in the advanced Spanish courses in middle school?

    No.  In middle school, students choose their courses.  The advanced Spanish courses are considered as an elective.  Students would simply select those courses during the middle school registration period.

    #23) Do siblings (ex: incoming Kinder) of those who already participate in the program automatically receive a spot in the program?

    LISD (in-district per address) siblings of students who already participate in the Spanish Immersion Program are given priority enrollment for Kindergarten.  Families who register the incoming siblings within the designated window for registration will have a spot reserved for them.  Families who do not register within the designated window for siblings will be considered within the general pool of applicants.

    #24) How many spots are available at Wellington and Hicks?

    There are 44 available Kinder seats at Hicks and 88 at Wellington.  The priority categories are placed first (see Question 6), and the remaining seats are given to the general pool of applicants.

    #25) If my child is 6 years old by Sept. 1, will this affect my placement into the Kinder Spanish Immersion Program?

    Being placed in the Spanish Immersion program is contingent on being enrolled in LISD on the campus for which you have been awarded a spot.  If your child is 6 years old on or before Sept 1, your placement in the Kinder grade level will be determined by the district procedures for academic delayed entry. If your child’s grade level is not determined to be Kindergarten, your child will be moved to the determined grade level in the Spanish Immersion program, if there is an available spot. If there is not a spot available, your child will be placed on the waiting list until placement is available.


    If you have a question about the enrollment process that is not addressed, please feel free to contact us at