Dual Language FAQ's

  • What is Dual Language?

    LISD's Dual Language program is a bilingual education program model where instruction is split between English 50% of the time and Spanish 50% of the time. LISD offers the following: 

    • Two-Way Dual Language - a percentage of the students participating are native English speakers.
    • One-Way Dual Language - all participating students are native Spanish speakers enrolled in the bilingual education program.
    • Spanish Immersion - all participating students are learning Spanish (from homes where English or other languages are spoken). Visit the Spanish Immersion page for more details. 

    How does LISD offer Dual Language instruction now and in the past?

    LISD has been offering One-Way Dual Language at three elementary campuses for over ten years. In 2012-13, LISD began offering Two-Way Dual Language at 9 elementary campuses. Spanish Immersion classes are offered at Wellington and Hicks Elementary Schools.

    What is the goal of the Dual Language program?

    The goal of the Dual Language program is to develop bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students who at the end of Fifth Grade may participate in advanced Spanish academic courses.

    When does Dual Language begin?

    Dual Language begins at Kindergarten and moves incrementally through fifth grade. Generally, students cannot begin after first grade.

    Who can participate in Dual Language?

    Students who are non-Spanish speakers, as well as those who are Spanish-speakers can participate. Both groups of students will learn a new language.

     How is instruction delivered in the Dual Language program?

    Generally, instruction is delivered in a co-teach model. Two teachers (one bilingual certified and one English as a Second Language/ESL certified) are partnered and teach 50% of the instructional time in the language of their certification.

    How often do students rotate teachers?

    Students rotate teachers based on the grade level of the class and the developmental readiness of the students. Learning time is extended based on the maturity and depth of instruction necessary in advancing grades. Kindergarten and first grade rotate more often (every day or every other day), second grade rotates every two days and third –fifth grade rotates each week. The frequency of the rotation provides support in the respective native language.

    Does Dual Language use a special curriculum?

    No. The LISD Dual Language model follows the LISD curriculum. Students in the Dual Language program receive instruction equal to that of students in general education.

    Are the student expectations for learning different in Dual Language?

    No. Students are expected to master the same state required mandates, LISD curriculum performance standards; all the while, acquiring a second language. Language is taught through all academic subjects.

    Does a child or parent need to know Spanish in order to participate?

    No, no prior knowledge or language proficiency in Spanish is necessary for student participation.