World Languages

  • According to the TEKS, "the study of world languages is an essential part of education", which focuses on communication and culture. Through our courses, students gain proficiency in expression and cultural proficiency. The LISD world languages (WL) curriculum is proficiency-oriented with performance-based evidence. In each level, students demonstrate skills in the target language along a proficiency continuum.

    Our vision is that whether students choose among modern, classical or visual languages, their learning experiences will equip them to communicate in the target language and demonstrate intercultural understanding. The following research-based guiding principles for language learning (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) frame instruction and assessment to achieve such vision. 

    • Literacy in language learning
    • Articulated sequences in language learning
    • Plan with backward design
    • Facilitate target language use
    • Use authentic text
    • Design communicative tasks
    • Teach grammar as a concept in context
    • Provide effective feedback

    Lewisville ISD offers World Languages for middle school and high school students.  In middle school, students may begin taking Spanish for high school credit.  In high school, students may choose a classical language (Latin) or modern language (Spanish, French, German, American Sign Language, and Japanese*). 

    *Language offerings may vary by campus