• Secondary ESL Services in LISD


    Qualifying for ESL Services 

    All Texas schools follow the same guidelines for identification of students for ESL services. The Texas English Learner Portal designed by TEA provides information for parents about these processes, including an overview of the identification process, explanation of the language assessments administered throughout the year, and answers to frequently asked questions.

    The ESL Program Parent Brochure provided by TEA is available to download as a PDF in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. To download a copy of this resource, please choose a language: EnglishSpanish, or Vietnamese.

    In LISD, ESL program processes may occur at our campuses and our district offices. We provide the LAS Links language proficiency assessment at our campuses and at our Welcome Center. This assessment is used to identify students for language program services and may also be administered to assess language progress. For more information about this assessment, please contact the ESL Liaison for your child's school or contact Community Services at the LISD Welcome Center


    ESL Services Provided in Accordance with Texas Administrative Code Chapter 89

    In LISD, all English Learners receive ESL services in accordance with Texas Administrative Code Chapter 89 regarding ESL program requirements. 

    • ESL students receive ESL services from one or more ESL certified teacher.
    • Teachers support ESL students’ affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs.
    • Teachers provide instruction in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) with linguistic supports outlined in the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

    Please visit TAC Chapter 89 to learn more about Texas requirements for ESL program services.


    ESL Services Provided by Teachers Trained in Second Language Acquisition Strategies

    Professional Learning Resources


    All English Learners receive ESL services from one or more ESL certified teacher. In addition, all teachers of English Learners receive training in research-based Sheltered Instruction strategies designed to support second language acquisition and the development of academic language in all content areas in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Many of the instructional strategies our teachers implement come from the following resources:

    • Sheltered Instruction in Texas: Second Language Acquisition Methods for Teachers of ELs by John Seidlitz
    • Motivating ELLs: 27 Activities to Inspire & Engage Students by Dr. Lora Beth Escalante
    • Pathways to Greatness for ELL Newcomers: A Comprehensive Guide for Schools & Teachers by Michelle Yzquierdo
    • Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students with Interrupted or Minimal Education by Carol Salva with Anna Matis
    • Talk, Read, Talk, Write: A Practical Routine for Learning in All Content Areas (K-12) by Nancy Motley
    • Big Moves, Small Gains by Nancy Motley
    • Teaching Social Studies to ELLs by Tina Beane
    • Teaching Science to English Learners by Stephen Fleenor with Tina Beene
    • Teaching Math to English Learners by Adrian Mendoza with Tina Beene
    • 38 Great Academic Language Builders by John Seidlitz & Kathleen Kenfield


    ESL Services Provided in Linguistically Accommodated English Language Arts Courses

    We offer linguistically accommodated English Language Arts courses in middle school and high school with curriculum and supplemental instructional materials specially designed to meet the needs of beginning and intermediate level English Learners. Please contact your school's ESL Liaison or Counselor for the most up-to-date ESL course offerings available.


    ESL Services Provided in Conjunction with All Other Special Programs

    All ELs have opportunities to participate in courses that are designated as General Education, Special Education, Gifted/Talented, Career and Technology Education, Honors, and AP courses with integrated linguistic support. For more information about the special programs and available courses at your school, please visit your school’s website.


    Additional Language Enrichment Opportunities

    In addition to the courses that we offer during the school year, LISD provides a summer enrichment program, SOAR Academy, for ESL students in grades 6-11. This is a structured, project-based, language-intensive program that provides students with the opportunity to continue building language skills throughout the month of June. For more information about this opportunity, please visit our SOAR Academy page. 

  • Campus-Based Support for English Learners

    Every middle school and high school in LISD is served by a Secondary ESL Liaison who is responsible for ESL student support. Your ESL Liaison can assist you with:

    • information about the instructional support that is available to help your child be successful
    • processes to qualify and receive ESL services, including language proficiency assessments
    • accessing your child’s grades, coursework, and other digital information
    • finding the contact information for your child's teachers and other campus staff

    For more information about the services available at a specific school, please visit the school's website or contact the school's ESL Liaison for assistance.


  • Join Our ESL Team

    If you are interested in joining Lewisville ISD’s Secondary ESL Department as an ESL Teacher, ESL Aide, or ESL Liaison, then please visit the LISD Employee Services page for available positions and application processes.

    Please contact the Secondary ESL Department for more information about our linguistically accommodated curriculum, second language acqusition instructonal strategies, professional learning opportunities, and the ESL certification process.