2008 Bond


    Welcome to the 2008 Bond website. This site provides a comprehensive overview of the 2008 Bond program with financial data, construction photos, reports and audits, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    In 2008, our community voted to approve a bond package focused on building new schools, renovating aging facilities, making capital improvements and improving technology for students and staff. This bond also helped the district rebuild aging schools where renovation was not feasible. Overall, this bond package supported a rapidly growing district that had projected serving 60,000 students by 2016.

    Since the election, much has changed. Within months after bonds were approved, the impact of the national recession slowed the housing market keeping our student population lower than projected. Currently, the housing market has shown improvement, however LISD is experiencing a decline in enrollment in some areas while other areas have seen an increase. Our latest demographic study highlights this challenge. Today, we serve a little more than 52,500 students.

    In 2010, we initiated a technology audit to review our infrastructure. Technology experts reviewed all systems and made recommendations for improvement. Overall, the audit concluded our infrastructure would not take LISD into the future by allowing for steady connectivity throughout the 127-square miles we serve.

    As our facilities age, renovations and improvements are necessary. In 2012-13, more than 60 citizens participated on our Facilities Assessment Committee that spent months walking all of LISD’s 73 buildings and prioritizing improvements. The committee labeled items 1 through 4, with 1 as the highest priority.

    Also in 2011-12, a 2008 Bond Oversight Committee formed, comprising fourteen citizens appointed by the Board of Trustees. This committee meets monthly to review information and provide feedback on bond projects. These citizens spend hours reviewing financial sheets, timelines, construction updates and facility improvement documents. Their input has been invaluable and critical to our progress in moving the district forward. I would like to thank these citizens for their commitment to our students.

    Based upon the feedback from the Oversight Committee, demographic reports, technology audit and facilities assessment plan, the district has made data-driven decisions on how to best use the remaining bond funds effectively and efficiently, as well as prepare LISD for its future.

    We hope this site will provide you valuable information about your bond dollars. If you have any additional questions, please contact Amanda Brim, Chief Communications Officer.