Messages from Michelle

  • LISD Facilities Advisory Committee,

    Michelle Hopefully, by now you are settling into 2017 healthy, prosperous, and mindful of all the blessings of 2016. One of those blessings was getting to work together as a Facilities Advisory Committee on an historic process in Lewisville ISD, the results of which will be clearly visible both in facilities and in the teaching and learning that takes place in them every day. Congratulations on being among the members of the community in whom has been placed the highest level of trust. We are ready to begin again to fulfil the charter that was assigned to us by the Board of Trustees.

    This week, on Thursday, January 5, 2017 we begin our deliberations. This is the destination to which we moved since our first meeting on September 8, 2016. You have been faithful in your attendance; you have climbed over mountains of information; you have passionately discussed and sometimes disagreed. But you have remained resolute in your determination to do what is best for your children, your District, and your community. As we begin, I want to discuss a few important points to help you continue to do your best work.

    Attendance during these meetings has been incredibly constant by most of our members. Some of you have been at every single meeting. When we begin deliberations, it is very important that the holistic overview of our work comes into consideration in our decision making. For this reason, I ask that if you have missed three or more meetings:

    • Defer to those committee members (table mates) in discussion and decision-making who have been consistently present and are therefore well-informed regarding projects and information

    • Refrain from asking table mates to bring you up to date on meetings you may have missed. Our time is going to be singularly devoted to critical deliberations, and we simply cannot play catch up for absentees.

    • Avoid using your “veto” on decisions made at your tables by those who have been present to hear all the data

    In addition, after our work is done, all of you will be eager to express your thoughts and opinions regarding how we might go about making this bond successful. Hold those thoughts! We will give you that opportunity at our final meeting and celebration by executing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis when we will capture all your input and use it to distribute information to the community.

    I thank you for all the passion you have exhibited and the determination to make this bond serve your community for decades into the future.

    Remember: “No one in the room will get everything they want; but everyone in the room will get something they want.”



    Michelle Hughes