Standard Response Protocol

  • Standard Response ProtocolLewisville ISD constantly seeks to provide a circle of protection that generates safety and security in all schools and facilities. 

    In 2019, LISD adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Created by the Colorado-based I Love You Guys Foundation, this standard simplifies the district’s emergency response—making it a powerful, informative and efficient guide.

    The SRP refers to five specific actions in the event of any emergency or crisis. Secure, lockdown, evacuate, shelter or hold are the actions students and employees are trained to perform during an emergency. A brief synopsis of each action is below.

    • Secure – Occurs when a threat or hazard is outside of the school building. Students will remain or return inside the building. Staff will help recover students and colleagues outside the building, take roll and increase their situational awareness.
    • Lockdown – Occurs when a threat or hazard is inside the building. Students will stay quiet and out-of-sight. Staff will lock the classroom door, turn off lights, maintain silence and obscured visibility, take roll and wait for first responders to open the door.
    • Evacuate – Occurs when students and staff must move to another location. Students will leave all but cell phones behind, form a single-file line, and follow instructions. Staff will lead students to the evacuation location and take roll.
    • Shelter – Occurs when the need for personal protection is necessary, such as during a severe weather event. Students and staff will employ appropriate safety strategies. Teachers will also take roll to account for students.
    • Hold – Occurs when the school corridors and common areas need to be cleared, such as during a medical emergency in the hallway.  Students will immediately clear the corridors by returning to classrooms.  It will be business as usual inside the classrooms until the emergency is resolved.  

    Parents are urged to stay home and await instructions from the district anytime SRP-based protective measures are being utilized to ensure the safety and security of students and staff.

    During a Secure or Lockdown, traffic routes around the school must remain clear to allow for arriving first responder agencies. Both of these SRP-based actions will result in an increase in police presence as the circumstances are investigated. In addition, no-one is allowed in or out of a LISD facility during a Secure or Lockdown. Parents congregating near the front entrance of a LISD facility during a Secure or Lockdown may create additional perceived risks for responding police agencies while the credibility of a threat or hazard is being evaluated.

    Evacuate, Shelter and Hold actions are typically resolved in a very short amount of time once a hazard has passed or has been determined to be a non-issue. 

  • Should I come to the school during a Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter or Hold action that is in-progress?