2024 Service Year Honorees

  • Thank you to the following employees for their commitment and service to students and staff in Lewisville ISD.

    40 Years of Service

    Marshan Naragon | Lewisville High School

    35 Years of Service

    Dale Hart | Central Elementary

    Julie Martinez | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    30 Years of Service

    Mary Jane Bassett | Special Education Department

    Steven Davis | Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

    Lisa Davison | Special Education Department

    Rebecca Duesman | Special Education Department

    Mary Eiffert | Child Nutrition Department

    Ellen Garza | Special Education Department

    Kevin Hartsburg | LHS Harmon

    Sarah Johnston | Special Education Department

    James Kirk | Briarhill Middle School

    Barbara Langton | Flower Mound High School

    Jean Lopez | Special Education Department

    Russell Martz | Briarhill Middle School

    Jennifer Mattingly | McAuliffe Elementary

    Nicholl McCue | Old Settlers Elementary

    Sherri Miles | Memorial Elementary

    Margaret Miller | The Colony High School

    Jennifer Mills | McKamy Middle School

    Anna Musick | Camey Elementary

    Judy Oliver | Child Nutrition Department

    Sean Perry | Homestead Elementary

    Teri Pipitone | Homestead Elementary

    Jeanne Prestjohn | Arbor Creek Middle School

    Laura Reed | Special Education Department

    Susan Restuccia | Homestead Elementary

    Michael Staten | Lamar Middle School

    Matthew Tull | Technology Department

    Patricia Woody | Facility Services Department

    25 Years of Service

    Rogelia Aguillon | Child Nutrition Department

    Julie Barclay | Memorial Elementary

    Dr. Tim Baxter | The Colony High School

    Terese Beauchamp | Heritage Elementary

    Anita Bernal | Lakeland Elementary

    Victoria Bessire-Wright | Accounting and Finance Department

    Paul Blalack | McKamy Middle School

    Jami Boslow | Wellington Elementary

    Debra Bradford | Hedrick Middle School

    Karen Brooks | Valley Ridge Elementary

    Angela Bruce | Camey Elementary

    Tricia Burton | Lewisville Elementary

    Heather Casida | Polser Elementary

    Shaylon Chambers | Facility Services Department

    William Chambliss | Technology Department

    Kathy Courson | Creek Valley Middle School

    Patricia Cuckler | Learning and Teaching Department

    Donna Davis | Mill Street Elementary

    Cristi Derow | Forestwood Middle School

    Sara Doss | Heritage Elementary

    Rebecca Dromgoole | Counseling and Social Work Department

    Margot Ell | Health Services Department

    Teresa England | Technology Department

    Randie Faulkner | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Rebecca Fitzgerald | Special Education Department

    Lajuana Hale | Marcus High School

    Rebecca Hall | Creek Valley Middle School

    Angela Hall | Heritage Elementary

    Kimberly Hamm | LISD Student Success Center

    Linda Hampl | Camey Elementary

    Sharon Haney | Procurement and Contracts Department

    Susan Harper | Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

    Martha Hernandez | Child Nutrition Department

    Kerry Hicke | Lamar Middle School

    Deborah Holden | Forestwood Middle School

    Julie Hunt | DeLay Middle School

    Tommy Isom | Castle Hills Elementary

    Sharon Jenkins | Creekside Elementary

    Charles Johns | Special Education Department

    Kelli Kallail | Wellington Elementary

    Joyce Kirk | Bridlewood Elementary

    Kelly Kirkland | The Colony High School

    Sheri Layne | Valley Ridge Elementary

    Heather Logsdon | Morningside Elementary

    Elvia Lopez | Assessment and Accountability Department

    Kelly Martin | Learning and Teaching Department

    Raul Martinez | Facility Services Department

    Jennifer Moore | McKamy Middle School

    Adrian Moreno | TECC-East

    Brooke Munro | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Michelle Murray | Highland Village Elementary

    Terri Musia | Flower Mound High School

    Carolyn Mutschler | Facility Services Department

    Kendall NyQuist | Chief of Schools Department

    Joi Pratte | Bridlewood Elementary

    Gwen Price | Flower Mound Elementary

    Heather Robinson | Highland Village Elementary

    Jennifer Roebken | Valley Ridge Elementary

    Estella Rupard | Human Resources Department

    Lisa Sanders | LHS Harmon

    Kyle Smith | Marcus High School

    Ginger Terry | Learning and Teaching Department

    Tammie Turner | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Jeremy Turner | Procurement and Contracts Department

    Brooke Vallie | Flower Mound Elementary

    Candace Wade | Special Education Department

    Jennifer Wallace | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Sherrie Wright | Athletics Department

    Russell Yeatts | Flower Mound High School

    20 Years of Service

    Alexandre Aquino | Marcus High School

    Starsky Banks | LISD Student Success Center

    Sandra Becker | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Sydney Bentz | Flower Mound High School

    Brent Biskup | Flower Mound High School

    Rebecca Bonner | Briarhill Middle School

    Megan Boren | Downing Middle School

    Tami Braun | Wellington Elementary

    Cheri Brown | Donald Elementary

    Linda Brown | Child Nutrition Department

    Krista Brown | Peters Colony Elementary

    Nathan Brustad | McKamy Middle School

    Kimberly Burson | Wellington Elementary

    Bridget Carpenter | Chief of Schools Department

    Claudette Carpenter | Learning and Teaching Department

    Sundra Cazares | Highland Village Elementary

    Dianna Clark | Heritage Elementary

    Deana Coleman | The Colony High School

    Rayce Cooley | The Colony High School

    Carrie Cooper | Flower Mound Elementary

    Russell Cote | McKamy Middle School

    Syble Crandell | Camey Elementary

    Rebecca Delozier | Lewisville High School

    Robert Dilts | Flower Mound High School

    Nancy Dittmeier | Mill Street Elementary

    Stephanie Driscole | Lewisville High School

    Erin Eskew | Learning and Teaching Department

    Laura Fackler | Special Education Department

    Stephanie Fagan | Briarhill Middle School

    Elizabeth Fisanick | Peters Colony Elementary

    Rachel Flanders | LHS Harmon

    Patricia Formichella | Creekside Elementary

    Nicole Franczvai | Lewisville High School

    Gisele Franks | Forestwood Middle School

    Jennifer Frigillana | Liberty Elementary

    Joshua Fuel | Marcus High School

    Cary Gifford | LHS Harmon

    Phillip Gilbreath | TECC-West

    Jennifer Glass | Liberty Elementary

    Charlene Gohl | Homestead Elementary

    Procesa Gomez | Independence Elementary

    Tammy Gossett | Creek Valley Middle School

    Nicia Granado | Human Resources Department

    Jerry Grant | Facility Services Department

    Kelly Green | The Colony High School

    Melissa Grogan | Hebron Valley Elementary

    Susan Gunnoe | Rockbrook Elementary

    Lindsay Haas | Forestwood Middle School

    Michelle Hall | Special Education Department

    Jenny Hall | Student Support Services Department

    Jennifer Hampton | Special Education Department

    Shelley Harbin | Child Nutrition Department

    Leeanne Hargrove | Marcus High School

    Courtney Hart | Human Resources Department

    Toni Harthun | Killian Middle School

    Diana Hartman | Heritage Elementary

    Fashion Harvey | Bridlewood Elementary

    Theresa Hernandez | Homestead Elementary

    Thomas Hetzler | Lewisville High School

    Kelly Hewitt | Vickery Elementary

    Lesley Hines | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Brigitte Holder | Child Nutrition Department

    Jill Howell | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Kathryn Huber | Technology Department

    Sherri Hunter | Lewisville Learning Center

    Lisa Iorio | Flower Mound Elementary

    Scott Jacobsen | Technology Department

    Tracy Jennings | Marcus 9th Grade Campus

    Kathy Johnson | Polser Elementary

    Rhonda Jones | Central Elementary

    Kara Kajs | Assessment and Accountability Department

    Joyce Klimek | Learning and Teaching Department

    Maria Adele Lehman | Peters Colony Elementary

    Tonya Lewis-Ford | Hedrick Middle School

    Andrew Libby | Marcus 9th Grade Campus

    Christi Littlefield | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Gretchen Loehr | Lewisville High School

    Sharon Long | Special Education Department

    Ethel Mahendran | Child Nutrition Department

    Tracy Maher | Timber Creek Elementary

    Denise Marchioni | Marcus 9th Grade Campus

    Curtis Martin | Downing Middle School

    Elizabeth Mason | Briarhill Middle School

    Vicki Massa | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Kara Massey | DeLay Middle School

    Danielle Maurier | Lewisville Elementary

    Catherine McIntosh | Lakeland Elementary

    Amanda McKnight | Briarhill Middle School

    Eric Mears | Flower Mound High School

    Royce Meyer | Facility Services Department

    Kelley Michalski | Special Education Department

    Susan Mickle | Briarhill Middle School

    Kathy Ann Mitchell | DeLay Middle School

    Carly Morris | Independence Elementary

    Shaily Mosby | Lewisville High School

    Amber Myers | Polser Elementary

    Maria Najera | Child Nutrition Department

    Michael Nelson | McKamy Middle School

    Shirley Nierman | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Olivia Norine | Donald Elementary

    Michelle O'neil | McKamy Middle School

    Amy Obenhaus | Arbor Creek Middle School

    Darrell Obrient | Child Nutrition Department

    Maria Ortiz | Lewisville High School

    Chelsi Owens | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Laurie Parish | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Allison Parrington | Hedrick Middle School

    Diana Pate | Special Education Department

    Linda Pedersen | Special Education Department

    Jesus Prado | Facility Services Department

    Karen Reed | Arbor Creek Middle School

    Jon Rhodes | Flower Mound High School

    Patricia Robinson | Lamar Middle School

    Jennifer Rodgers | Flower Mound Elementary

    James Rodgers | Hebron High School

    Matthew Romine | The Colony High School

    Stefanie Ross | Lamar Middle School

    Manuel Rubio | Facility Services Department

    Kathleen Ruger | Bridlewood Elementary

    Daisy Salguero | Independence Elementary

    Sheri Sandefer | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Janice Schmitz | Flower Mound Elementary

    Melissa Schnoor | Southridge Elementary

    Dr. Patrick Schott | Forest Vista Elementary

    Tarra Shankles | Technology Department

    Holly Shelton | Griffin Middle School

    Angela Shidler | Lakeview Middle School

    Lynsay Smith | Special Education Department

    Natasha Smith | Special Education Department

    Monica Spencer | Flower Mound High School

    Susan Stallings | Hebron Valley Elementary

    Angela Starnes | Donald Elementary

    Cary Stephens | Technology Department

    Kathryn Stephenson | Heritage Elementary

    Ashley Stewart | Castle Hills Elementary

    Teresa Stowe | Memorial Elementary

    Randy Stuempfig | Flower Mound High School

    Helma Tarver | Creekside Elementary

    Sonja Terrill | Lewisville High School

    Carol Teter | Learning and Teaching Department

    Corry Thompson | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Christy Tidwell | Wellington Elementary

    Miranda Tompkins | Liberty Elementary

    Laura Traynor | Liberty Elementary

    Laura Troy | LHS Harmon

    Marisol Trujillo-Torres | Lewisville Learning Center

    Susan Tyner | Wellington Elementary

    Jennifer Upchurch | Learning and Teaching Department

    Michelle Vaughn | Downing Middle School

    Maria Villarreal | Child Nutrition Department

    Brooke Wallace | Special Education Department

    Amanda Werneke | Hebron 9th Grade Campus

    Carmen White | The Colony High School

    Delia Williams | Denton County JJAEP

    Gale Williams | Hedrick Middle School

    Margaret Wolnik | Child Nutrition Department

    Gay Wood | Bridlewood Elementary

    Trish Works | Special Education Department

    Argentina Yanes | Child Nutrition Department

    Laura Zamora | Hebron Valley Elementary

    Laura Zeller | Marcus 9th Grade Campus


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