College Board National Recognition Program

  • The College Board National Recognition Program, an expansion of the former National Hispanic Recognition Program, recognizes and honors students from African American, Hispanic or Latinx, and Indigneous backgrounds for their academic achievement. To be considered for recognition, students must take the preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) in October of their junior year, achieve the minimum requested PSAT/NMSQT score and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the middle of their junior year. Students who are awarded this National Recognition can include their honors in college and scholarship applications. 

  • Class of 2023 Recognized Students

  • Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 94 high school students who have been honored for their academic achievement by the College Board National Recognition Program. 

  • Ashlynn Brothers | Flower Mound HS
    Aidan Bryant | Flower Mound HS
    Maximiliano Cuadros-Arias | Flower Mound HS
    Carmen Davidson | Flower Mound HS
    Jordan DeJesus | Flower Mound HS
    Ellianna Feeney | Flower Mound HS
    Andrew Geltner | Flower Mound HS
    Yaddeni Hailu | Flower Mound HS
    Katherine Henry | Flower Mound HS
    Gabrielle Hobbs | Flower Mound HS
    Jared Horikam | Flower Mound HS
    Marisa King | Flower Mound HS
    Nicholas Lemus | Flower Mound HS
    Emily Lowden | Flower Mound HS
    Nicholas Martinez | Flower Mound HS
    Maya Nunez | Flower Mound HS
    Clara Odom | Flower Mound HS
    Angelo Parks | Flower Mound HS
    Ava Pawlik | Flower Mound HS
    Jillian Regal | Flower Mound HS
    Noah Rodriguez | Flower Mound HS
    Ryan Rugg | Flower Mound HS
    Nathaniel Stambaugh | Flower Mound HS
    David Trujillo | Flower Mound HS
    Dante Bush | Hebron HS
    Vanessa Carranza Barrera | Hebron HS
    Reyna Castillo | Hebron HS
    Trevor Darilek | Hebron HS
    Jaxson Davis | Hebron HS
    Serena Dickson | Hebron HS
    Khadija Fidelis Alex | Hebron HS
    Alexandra Fuentes | Hebron HS
    Anna Garcia | Hebron HS
    Julia Harris | Hebron HS
    Landon Hill | Hebron HS
    Ella-Nuelle Mesumbe | Hebron HS
    Robert Molina | Hebron HS
    Naledi Ndlovu | Hebron HS
    Hannah Nguyen | Hebron HS
    Edidioluwa Oseyifunmi | Hebron HS
    Samuel Sierra | Hebron HS
    Krystal Steele | Hebron HS
    Emma Utterback | Hebron HS
    Landon Zock | Hebron HS
    Arianna Alvarado | Lewisville HS
    Victor Barros | Lewisville HS
    Dominic Crowder Jr | Lewisville HS

  • Omar Dinarte | Lewisville HS
    Diego Garcia | Lewisville HS
    Daniel Gonzalez Richman | Lewisville HS
    Kayla Guerra | Lewisville HS
    Olivia Kabano | Lewisville HS
    Landry Lopez | Lewisville HS
    Marilynn Morales | Lewisville HS
    Amanda Olacio | Lewisville HS
    Ruben Plascencia | Lewisville HS
    Samuel Ramirez | Lewisville HS
    Aryanne Ramsey | Lewisville HS
    Kaitlyn Sage | Lewisville HS
    Elizabeth Tienda-Trujillo | Lewisville HS
    Gabriella Thomas | Lewisville HS
    Mark Vargas | Lewisville HS
    Jacob Velarde | Lewisville HS
    Cade Alaniz | Marcus HS
    Tadiwa Barwa | Marcus HS
    Trinity Beach | Marcus HS
    Isabella Campos | Marcus HS
    Alexa Carson | Marcus HS
    Skyler Clay | Marcus HS
    Jack Contreras | Marcus HS
    Camila Cortes Pinedo | Marcus HS
    Ella Dunn | Marcus HS
    Olivia Fouratt | Marcus HS
    Anna Goeke | Marcus HS
    Wesley Jordan | Marcus HS
    Elena del Muro | Marcus HS
    Ifeoluwa Oluwole | Marcus HS
    Anna Pellegreen | Marcus HS
    Benjamin Schuh | Marcus HS
    Renzo Tognetti | Marcus HS
    Benjamin Whittaker | Marcus HS
    Kristen Wells | Marcus HS
    Samantha Aguirre | The Colony HS
    Alexander Begg | The Colony HS
    Raul Carmona | The Colony HS
    Jadyn Carrasco | The Colony HS
    Nadia Esparza | The Colony HS
    Luke Fisanick | The Colony HS
    Citlali Gonzalez | The Colony HS
    Afomiya Guta | The Colony HS
    Angelee Rodriguez | The Colony HS
    Macey Rodriguez | The Colony HS
    David Sarellana | The Colony HS
    Jazmin Vasquez | The Colony HS


    For inquiries about these recognitions, please contact LISD's Communications Department at