College Board National Recognition Program

  • The College Board National Recognition Program, an expansion of the former National Hispanic Recognition Program, recognizes and honors students from African American, Hispanic or Latinx, and Indigneous backgrounds for their academic achievement. To be considered for recognition, students must take the preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) in October of their junior year, achieve the minimum requested PSAT/NMSQT score and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the middle of their junior year. Students who are awarded this National Recognition can include their honors in college and scholarship applications. 

  • Class of 2022 Recognized Students

  • Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 171 high school seniors who have been honored for their academic achievement by the College Board National Recognition Program. 

  • Temitayo Adebayo | Flower Mound HS
    Melissa Armino | Flower Mound HS
    Madison Bair | Flower Mound HS
    Julia Borges | Flower Mound HS
    Keira Bryant | Flower Mound HS
    Macy Cansler | Flower Mound HS
    Rachel Carrier | Flower Mound HS
    Maya Cordova | Flower Mound HS
    Katerina Crespo | Flower Mound HS
    Ava Diaz-Buikema | Flower Mound HS
    Ethan Echeverria | Flower Mound HS
    Brooklyn Emuakhagbon | Flower Mound HS
    Ellianna Feeney | Flower Mound HS
    Evony Flores | Flower Mound HS
    Mariana Garciadeleon | Flower Mound HS
    Owen Garner | Flower Mound HS
    Gabriel Giraldo | Flower Mound HS
    Joseph Habeeb | Flower Mound HS
    Ella Harrington | Flower Mound HS
    Lauryn Hobbs | Flower Mound HS
    Emily Holcombe | Flower Mound HS
    Prescott Johnson | Flower Mound HS
    Ethan Johnson | Flower Mound HS
    Charles Kall | Flower Mound HS
    Mora Lemme Catoni | Flower Mound HS
    Samanta Lopez | Flower Mound HS
    Eva Lucia Corral | Flower Mound HS
    Lauren Martinez | Flower Mound HS
    Javier Mendoza Amante | Flower Mound HS
    Andrew Narvaez | Flower Mound HS
    Natalie Novaes | Flower Mound HS
    James O'Donnell | Flower Mound HS
    Ricardo Olivares | Flower Mound HS
    Beth Orrison | Flower Mound HS
    Sofia Pagan | Flower Mound HS
    Delfina Pagano | Flower Mound HS
    Francesca Palladino | Flower Mound HS
    Nicholas Rios | Flower Mound HS
    Alejandro Rivero | Flower Mound HS
    Melody Roberson | Flower Mound HS
    Daniela Rodriguez | Flower Mound HS
    Sofia Rodriguez | Flower Mound HS
    Lauryn Rosenthal | Flower Mound HS
    Reese Rugg | Flower Mound HS
    Isabella Sanchez | Flower Mound HS
    Olivia Santiago | Flower Mound HS
    Henrique Santos | Flower Mound HS
    Diego Sedas | Flower Mound HS
    Maria Silveti | Flower Mound HS
    Nadia Turner | Flower Mound HS
    Krista Vasconcellos | Flower Mound HS
    Adriana Velez-Brunes | Flower Mound HS
    Gabriel Villarreal | Flower Mound HS
    Jake Warren | Flower Mound HS
    Alexane Willig-Friedrich | Flower Mound HS
    Jaden Worrell | Flower Mound HS
    Olivia Worrell | Flower Mound HS
    Alyssa Ybarra | Flower Mound HS
    Hailey York | Flower Mound HS
    Sabrina Araya | Hebron HS
    Dante Bush | Hebron HS
    DMarco DeLeon | Hebron HS
    Alana Dryburgh | Hebron HS
    Kessa Dryburgh | Hebron HS
    Amanda Foy | Hebron HS
    Samantha Gradilla | Hebron HS
    Janine Jimenez | Hebron HS
    Kaitlyn Johnson | Hebron HS
    Marissa Kouba | Hebron HS
    Kelsey Kummerl | Hebron HS
    Eric Lente | Hebron HS
    Braden Lowe | Hebron HS
    John Manon | Hebron HS
    Isabella Nations | Hebron HS
    Emeka Ohumaegbulem | Hebron HS
    Joseph Olatunji | Hebron HS
    Lela Oliveira | Hebron HS
    Katherine Parker | Hebron HS
    Enrrique Reyes | Hebron HS
    Emilia Rodriguez | Hebron HS
    Adam Ronderos | Hebron HS
    Andie San Luis | Hebron HS

  • Kevin Soto | Hebron HS
    Ryan Taylor | Hebron HS
    Eloy Trevino | Hebron HS
    Caleb Valdes | Hebron HS
    Zavier Vega-Yu | Hebron HS
    Ian Wright | Hebron HS
    Alyssa Young | Hebron HS
    Sheden Andemicael | Lewisville HS
    Alexa Barretto | Lewisville HS
    Mykyla Buie | Lewisville HS
    Cara Cantu | Lewisville HS
    Daniela Casciani Sanjoa | Lewisville HS
    Andres Chavez | Lewisville HS
    Junior Cortina | Lewisville HS
    Elena Goana | Lewisville HS
    Liliana Gonzalez | Lewisville HS
    Mia Herrera | Lewisville HS
    Cecily Leal | Lewisville HS
    Joseangel Lima-Tapia | Lewisville HS
    Elisha Lopez | Lewisville HS
    Carl Malvo | Lewisville HS
    Anayely Martinez | Lewisville HS
    Joshua McCulley | Lewisville HS
    Carlos Morales | Lewisville HS
    Naomi Murphy | Lewisville HS
    Laura Oliva Cuenca | Lewisville HS
    Julio Perez | Lewisville HS
    Amber Rhodes | Lewisville HS
    Sophia Rivera | Lewisville HS
    Nicholas Saavedra | Lewisville HS
    Isabella Simpson | Lewisville HS
    Sophia Sutherland | Lewisville HS
    Jacob Velarde | Lewisville HS
    Marvin Vertiz | Lewisville HS
    Alyssa Ajiz | Marcus HS
    Cade Alaniz | Marcus HS
    Isabel Alejandro | Marcus HS
    Isaac Ambrose | Marcus HS
    Stella Bednarczyk | Marcus HS
    Jayda Briggs | Marcus HS
    Hallie Brown | Marcus HS
    Helen Campos | Marcus HS
    Jacob Castaneda | Marcus HS
    Amaya Cleven | Marcus HS
    Ethan Contreras | Marcus HS
    Alea DeSerrano | Marcus HS
    Tommy Dunn | Marcus HS
    Tomas Duque | Marcus HS
    Erika Garcia | Marcus HS
    Camila Gonzalez Finamore | Marcus HS
    John Green | Marcus HS
    Ella Greene | Marcus HS
    Isabella Haugen | Marcus HS
    Bria Hopkins | Marcus HS
    Anna Huber | Marcus HS
    Kyla Hughes | Marcus HS
    Emma Marroquin | Marcus HS
    Isabelle Martinez | Marcus HS
    Mason Mazoch | Marcus HS
    Munachiso Nnamani | Marcus HS
    Vanessa Pueskens | Marcus HS
    Sydney Rice | Marcus HS
    Denise Rodriguez | Marcus HS
    Jacob Rorer | Marcus HS
    Brandon Rubio | Marcus HS
    Pablo Ruiz-Velasco | Marcus HS
    Brooklyn Rushton | Marcus HS
    Thomas Sewell | Marcus HS
    Carolina Tondo | Marcus HS
    Israel Torres | Marcus HS
    Kristen Wells | Marcus HS
    Lorena Aguilar | The Colony HS
    Samantha Aguirre | The Colony HS
    Fatima Carmona | The Colony HS
    Nadia Esparza | The Colony HS
    Alexandra Mendoza | The Colony HS
    David Njuguna | The Colony HS
    Micaela Ohtomo | The Colony HS
    Katherine Omo-Osagie | The Colony HS
    Karlie Powell | The Colony HS
    Abigail Quiñones | The Colony HS
    Angelee Rodriguez | The Colony HS


    For inquiries about these recognitions, please contact LISD's Communications Department at