2023 Retirees

  • Congratulations to our 2023 Retirees!  Thank you for all that you do and enjoy your well-earned retirement! 

    Teresa Adams | LHS Harmon

    Joanna Alleman | Lewisville High School

    Sara Arrington | Instructional Materials Warehouse

    Kevin Atkinson | Marcus High School

    Rhonda Austin | Special Education Department  

    Rita Bacque | Morningside Elementary

    Carol Bartow | Castle Hills Elementary

    Homer Bazan | Facility Services Department

    Audrey Bryant | Central Elementary

    Michael Burns | Killian Middle School

    Lori Cantwell | Special Education Department

    Angela Carpenter | Lamar Middle School

    Renee Cassel | Rockbrook Elementary

    Malsi Castro | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood

    Linda Cattoor | Garden Ridge Elementary

    Stacie Chadwick | Special Education Department

    Teresa Chiles | Lewisville High School

    Amabely Cordova | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood

    Kwok-Kwan Chiu | Child Nutrition Department

    Laura Clifton | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Kimberly Covarrubias | Child Nutrition Department

    Morgan Craig | The Colony High School

    Ronda Craig | The Colony High School  

    Karen Cummings | Hebron High School

    Frances De La Rosa | Creekside Elementary

    Mary Donaghey | Special Education Department

    Erin Downing | Lakeview Middle School

    Vernon Dubberley |  The Colony High School

    Lori DuArte | The Colony High School

    Kristin East | Flower Mound High School

    Donna English | Briarhill Middle School

    Jennifer English | Morningside Elementary

    Heather Garrison | Griffin Middle School

    Michael Gortz | Shadow Ridge Middle School

    Cynthia Green | Learning & Teaching Department

    Janie Hall | Hebron High School

    Terri Harrod | LHS Harmon 

    Judith Hawrylak | Lamar Middle School

    Karen Hilliard | McKamy Middle School

    Nancy Hughlett | Highland Village Elementary

    Lisa Ingalls | Killian Middle School

    Deborah Jaquess | Huffines Middle School

    Julie Johnson | DeLay Middle School

    Bridget Johnston | Hebron High School

    Cynthia Jones | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Jacqueline Jones | LHS Killough

    Tracy Jones | Degan Elementary  

    Connie Kautz | Bluebonnet Elementary

    Michelle Keeler | LHS Killough

    Paula Kershaw | Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood

    Cheryl Kiowski | Hebron High School

    Steve Kockler | Durham Middle School

    Angela Lewallen | Central Elementary

    Cindy Lisenby | Flower Mound High School

    Sandra Lyles | Donald Elementary

    Julia Mcbrayer | Huffines Middle School

    Shelley Mclaughlin | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Gerry Miller | Special Education Department 

    Susy Mino | Lewisville High School

    Angela Moody | Technology

    Stephanie Moore | Coyote Ridge Elementary

    Kimberly Mosely | The Colony High School

    Pamela Navarre | Garden Ridge Elementary

    Kimberly Nickerson | Hebron High School

    Esperanza Nordie | Child Nutrition Department

    Vicki Olivier | Hebron High School

    Charlene Orsini | Donald Elementary

    Maria Ortiz | BB Owen Elementary

    Connie Patterson | Degan Elementary

    Elizabeth Perez | Lewisville High School

    Margo Phillips | TECC - West

    Wallace Phillips | Juvenille Alternative Education

    Jodi Phoenix | Flower Mound High School

    Deborah Rowlett | Assessment & Accountability

    Suzan Pitts-Smith | Athletics Department

    Angela Ray | Homestead Elementary

    Maria Rivera | Durham Middle School

    Deborah Rowlett | Assessment & Accountability Department

    Dana Schares | Forestwood Middle School

    Catherine Schuelke | Old Settlers Elementary

    Deborah Skelly | Lewisville High School

    Claudette Skinner | Human Resources Department

    Lori Sowers | Indian Creek Elementary

    Cynthia Stoecker | Homestead Elementary

    Ralph Szydlik | Flower Mound High School

    Pamela Talbert | Bridlewood Elementary

    Denise Taylor | Child Nutrition Department

    Cindy Taylor | Accounting & Finance Department

    Dora Thomas-Reinert | Prairie Trail Elementary

    Kelly Thomason | Highland Village Elementary

    Molly Tisdale | Timber Creek Elementary

    Jodee Tousignant | Child Nutrition Department

    Zane Tyson | Technology Department

    Elizabeth Wagley | Prairie Trail Elementary  

    Cynthia Walker | Hicks Elementary

    Rebecca Wallace | Downing Middle School

    Patty Ward | Lakeview Middle School

    Christy Whalen | Human Resources Department

    Theodora Winslow | Independence Elementary

    Larry Worley | New Construction Department

    Jay Yost | Marcus High School

    Laura Yowell | Forest Vista Elementary


    Retirees listed have notified Human Resources. For inquiries about our 2023 Retiree webpage, 
    please contact LISD's Communications Department at awards@lisd.net