College Board National Recognition Program

  • The College Board National Recognition Program, an expansion of the former National Hispanic Recognition Program, recognizes and honors students from African American, Hispanic or Latinx, and Indigneous backgrounds for their academic achievement. To be considered for recognition, students must take the preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) in October of their junior year, achieve the minimum requested PSAT/NMSQT score and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the middle of their junior year. Students who are awarded this National Recognition can include their honors in college and scholarship applications. 

  • Class of 2024 Recognized Students

  • Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 61 high school students who have been honored for their academic achievement by the College Board National Recognition Program. 

  • Daniel Esparza Fernandez | Flower Mound HS
    Douglas Lin | Flower Mound HS
    Elizabeth Wood | Flower Mound HS
    Ellen Hirst | Flower Mound HS
    Emily Crosier | Flower Mound HS
    Fabiola Martell | Flower Mound HS
    Giovanni Gonzalez-Odeghe | Flower Mound HS
    Jazlyn Fisher | Flower Mound HS
    Jessica Narvaez | Flower Mound HS
    Jordan Robinson | Flower Mound HS
    Joseph Geeslin | Flower Mound HS
    Julianna Macias | Flower Mound HS 
    Linda Villasana | Flower Mound HS
    Logan Arebalo | Flower Mound HS
    Lukas Delgado | Flower Mound HS
    Lydia Warren | Flower Mound HS
    Mia Bello Rojas | Flower Mound HS
    Parker Harrington | Flower Mound HS
    Petra Turner | Flower Mound HS
    Samuel Villarreal | Flower Mound HS 
    Sofia Walbom | Flower Mound HS
    Stephen Brown | Flower Mound HS
    Tiago Macedo| Flower Mound HS
    Amalia Galloway | Hebron HS
    Arabella Arrendondo | Hebron HS
    Audrey Perry | Hebron HS
    Carys Sherer | Hebron HS
    Catherine Nations | Hebron HS
    Hannah Gradilla | Hebron HS
    Isabela Pilcher-Perez | Hebron HS
    Isela Trevino | Hebron HS

  • Jose Gallegos | Hebron HS
    Madeleine Tran  | Hebron HS
    Mia Greer | Hebron HS
    Mie Bakuya | Hebron HS 
    Nathan Araya | Hebron HS
    Tyler Smith | Hebron HS
    Anna Diaz | Lewisville HS
    Bella Santesteban | Lewisville HS
    Jorge Morales | Lewisville HS
    Kylena Buchanan | Lewisville HS
    Lili Lerma | Lewisville HS
    Noah Rutledge | Lewisville HS
    Sofia Figueroa Corona | Lewisville HS
    Valerie Parada | Lewisville HS
     Zuri Melton | Lewisville HS
    Alexander Watson | Marcus HS
    Alexis Paull | Marcus HS
    Ayla Rushton | Marcus HS
    Chloe Webb | Marcus HS
    Erika Rochelle | Marcus HS
    Ethan Stagner | Marcus HS
    Iliana Gray | Marcus HS
    Juan Almaguer | Marcus HS
    Sofia Arevalo | Marcus HS
    Carlo Cardenas | The Colony HS
    Jocelyn Villalobos | The Colony HS
    Leanna Guerra | The Colony HS
    Maya Martinez | The Colony HS
    Ramy Triki | The Colony HS
    Riley Gove | The Colony HS


    For inquiries about these recognitions, please contact LISD's Communications Department at