National Merit Scholarship Program

  • Since 1955, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has recognized students across the country for their academic achievement through the National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP). NMSP is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships, and approximately 1.6 million high school students enter the program each year.

    Students are entered into the competition by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), which typically occurs in the fall of their junior year. The preliminary test serves as an initial screen of program entrants, and NMSC uses the PSAT/NMSQT Selection Index scores to determine the 50,000 high-scoring participants who qualify for program recognition. 

  • 2021 National Merit Finalists

  • Of the 16,000 Semifinalists, nearly 15,000 achieve Finalist status. To become a Finalist, Semifinalists and their high schools must submit a detailed scholarship application in which they provide information about the semifinalist’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities and honors and awards received.

    Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 59 high school seniors who have been named a National Merit Finalist in the 2021 competition. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding students.

  • 2021 National Merit Semifinalists

  • Of the 50,000 high scorers across the country, approximately 16,000 students are named Semifinalists. Those named a Semifinalist make up less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors and are the highest-scoring entrants in each state. These seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $31 million that are offered the following spring. To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the finalist level of the competition. About 90 percent of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and about half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar® title.

    Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 61 high school seniors who have been named a National Merit Semifinalist in the 2021 competition. 

  • Isabel Baron | Flower Mound HS

    Gautam Bhaskar | Flower Mound HS

    Grace Cao | Flower Mound HS

    Jingying Cao | Flower Mound HS

    Abhinav Chadaga | Flower Mound HS

    Jonathan Cluff | Flower Mound HS

    Jared Dasher | Flower Mound HS

    Sloan Davis | Flower Mound HS

    Suchir Dhurjati | Flower Mound HS

    Tarik Ehsan | Flower Mound HS

    Hayley Epps | Flower Mound HS

    Anna Ernst | Flower Mound HS

    Mishika Govil | Flower Mound HS

    Anya Gupta | Flower Mound HS

    Jacob Holt | Flower Mound HS

    Mark Horner | Flower Mound HS

    Shashank Iswara | Flower Mound HS

    Samarth Kamat | Flower Mound HS

    Bhavyasri Kasu | Flower Mound HS

    Mincheol Kim | Flower Mound HS

    Anshika Kondala | Flower Mound HS

    Ira Kondap | Flower Mound HS

    Kriti Kumar | Flower Mound HS

    Jeffrey Liu | Flower Mound HS

    Arshad Manzar | Flower Mound HS

    Ashna Mulastanam | Flower Mound HS

    Aniket Pal | Flower Mound HS

    Cullen Pipkin | Flower Mound HS

    Santana Poonuru | Flower Mound HS

    Raul Santos | Flower Mound HS

    Sean Sepdham | Flower Mound HS


  • Rupin Vaidya | Flower Mound HS

    Julia Vasconcellos | Flower Mound HS

    Shruti Vummadising | Flower Mound HS

    Jeffrey Zhang | Flower Mound HS

    Luc Chartier | Hebron HS

    Delaney Dyer | Hebron HS

    Gabriela Huerta | Hebron HS

    Tyler Kerch | Hebron HS

    Eric Kim | Hebron HS

    Akshaya Kummetha | Hebron HS

    Sammi Kwon | Hebron HS

    Andrew Le Prell | Hebron HS

    Susanna Park | Hebron HS

    Nicholas Scheufler | Hebron HS

    Aidan Turner | Hebron HS

    Christian Flores | Lewisville HS

    Ryan Moore | Lewisville HS

    Ian Farrar | Marcus HS

    Alec Farris | Marcus HS

    Boris-Jerrell Fosso | Marcus HS

    Alyena Gilani | Marcus HS

    Kaleb Moberg | Marcus HS

    Jaxson Myrick | Marcus HS

    Donald Raymond | Marcus HS

    Sridhar Pranav | Marcus HS

    Catherine Vickers | Marcus HS

    Luke Wacker | Marcus HS

    Alexandra Warren | Marcus HS

    Neha Yawalkar | Marcus HS

    Quynh Nhu Tran | The Colony HS

  • 2021 National Merit Commended Students

  • More than two-thirds of the 50,000 high scorers, approximately 34,000 students, are named Commended Students. While Commended Students do not continue in the competition, these students receive Letters of Commendation recognizing their academic promise. Some of these students may also be candidates for Special Scholarships provided by NMSC corporate and business sponsors. 

    Lewisville ISD is proud to announce and recognize the 128 high school seniors who have been named a National Merit Commended Student in the 2021 competition. 

  • For inquiries about these recognitions, please contact LISD's Communications Department at