School Age Parent Program

  • P: (469) 948-7616 | F: (972) 350-9349 | Lewisville Learning Center 1601 S. Edmonds Ln. Lewisville, TX 75067

    The School-Age Parent Program (SAPP) provides pregnant and parenting teen mothers and fathers in LISD the support and resources needed to either remain in school or to return to school to finish their high school education. 

    Whether concerned over pregnancy issues or choosing to parent or place for adoption, assistance is available at all LISD middle school and high school campuses for exploring options and in providing services. The program will help these students complete their high school education, re-examine their life goals, and focus on the responsibilities of parenting and providing for their child. 

    The SAPP provides childbirth education to pregnant students, and parenting education to students who have a child, including teen fathers, who are enrolled in LISD. Classes offer instruction in prenatal care and child development as well as a peer support system under the guidance or direction of case managers and teachers. Academic achievement and attendance are closely monitored so that students may be successful in completing their education.

    Services Include:

    • Meeting health needs of pregnant student, parenting student and child
    • Securing daycare and transportation
    • Accessing alternative education at Lewisville Learning Center
    • Case management
    • RN/Child Birth Educators
    • Social Workers
    • Agency referrals
    • Medicaid/CHIP/CHIP Perinatal
    • CCS
    • WIC
    • Health and immunization clinics
    • Adoption
    • Home instruction
    • Six weeks after delivery CEHI teacher
    • Prenatal if medically required
    • Parenting Education
    • Elective course (2 credits total) available
    • Support systems
    • LISD counselors and nurses

    Program Referral & Entry:

    • Entrance into SAPP is determined by a student’s need for services.
    • Referrals to the SAPP program may be made by a campus nurse, counselor, or other school officials to any SAPP staff member. Early referral is recommended.
    • If desired, students and/or their parents may contact the SAPP directly to initiate entry procedures into the program.
    • A SAPP staff member, generally one of the case managers, will meet with the student at her/his campus.
    • A medical pregnancy verification is required before an intake can be completed and services initiated. (Pregnancy testing information and report of pregnancy)
    • Students can remain at their home campus and receive SAPP services. SAPP Services are available at all campuses.
    • A student interested in attending LLC needs to contact his/her campus counselor.
    • A SAPP student continues in the program until graduation.
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