Credit by Exam and Credit by Acceleration

  • Welcome to the Credit by Examination and Credit by Acceleration testing process. Credit by Exam provides a way for students to receive credit for recovery for loss of credit or grade placement.  Credit by Acceleration provides a way for students to advance in specific core areas or grade level.  Students must be registered in a Lewisville ISD school and attending in order to be eligible to test.

    Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade may test to move ahead one grade level through Credit by Acceleration. High school students may earn credit in a course that they have not taken or under certain circumstances may earn credit for a course which they took but for which they did not receive credit. We invite you to visit the links below for more specific information on dates, courses, and testing.

    This website is updated periodically as new information is available. Refer back periodically for changes to the calendar and course requirements. To register for testing, the student needs to obtain a testing application(s) from his/her school counselor. For general questions about Credit by Exam or Acceleration, please contact the campus counselor.

    Please click here for information on Credit by Acceleration for the current school year.

    For additional preparation/study materials for Credit by Exam and Credit by Acceleration, please click here.


  • When can a student test for CBA?

  • Can a student take the CBA exam more than once?

  • What determines whether a student has prior instruction for a CBA exam?

  • Do CBA exam grades get recorded on the transcript?

  • Do CBA exams get included in the students’ GPA?

  • If a student takes the CBA mid-year when can he/she be placed in the next course/grade level?

  • When will CBA results be available?