• The Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students award is given to schools around the state with exemplary counseling programs. 

    We are proud to recognize the 42 LISD schools that have received the Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas award for the 2023-24 school year. The award, otherwise known as CREST, is given to schools around the state with exemplary, comprehensive school counseling programs that are committed to improving the lives of students in the academic, career, and personal social domain. 

    To be considered for this award, campuses first went through a lengthy application process in the fall of this school year. “The CREST application provides an opportunity to explain the design and implementation of the school counseling program over the course of a school year,” explained Coordinator of Counseling and Social Work Services Erin Walter. She noted that the applications include elements like images, data points, and existing artifacts like the yearly calendar of activities. “The extra time it takes to organize and communicate the effectiveness of comprehensive school counseling programs can be daunting,” Walter said of the experience. “But we know from first-hand experience it is well worth the extra effort.” 

    After submission, applications are evaluated by the Texas School Counselor Association CREST Evaluation Team composed of school counselors from around the state. “The criteria to receive the honor is reflective of the standard set by the Texas Counseling Association,” LISD Executive Director of Counseling and Social Work Services Monya Crow explained. “It means that a school counseling program is operating at best practice, serving its students, staff and community.”

    Though winning schools do receive a banner to display on their campus and recognition at the annual Texas School Counselor Association spring conference - the award signifies something deeper for our counselors here at LISD. “When Morningside wins a CREST Award it means that our campus has created space for a successful, comprehensive school counseling program,” said Morningside Elementary counselor Jasminn Moore. “It means so much to me as a school counselor to work on a campus where the school counseling program is ingrained into the system and a component of student success.” 

    Of the 41 LISD schools who were recognized by CREST for the 2022-23 school year, 37 of them have received the award in prior years. Schools that have earned the recognition for the three prior years are named in the CREST Leadership Level, and schools that have done this and presented at a professional conference are named in the CREST Advocacy Level. LISD is proud to have 12 CREST Leadership Level campuses and two Advocacy Level campuses. 

    “For 41 of our campuses to receive this award is truly impressive,” said Director of Counseling and Social Work Services Jill Adams. “It represents LISD’s commitment to fostering exceptional counseling programs for our students.” 

    “Most counselors will tell you that we aren’t in this field for the congrats and high fives and I feel the same,” concluded Jasminn Moore. “We get an abundance of satisfaction from the interactions with our students and the work that we get to do each day. However, when recognized, it provides affirmation that we are doing what’s best for kids. That is my daily aspiration and when it is indicated that I am on the right track- there is no better feeling.” 

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    2022-23 LISD CREST Award Winners 

    • Arbor Creek MS
    • Briarhill MS
    • Coyote Ridge ES
    • Creek Valley STEM Academy MS*
    • Degan ES 
    • DeLay MS
    • Downing MS
    • Ethridge ES
    • Flower Mound HS
    • Forestwood MS STEM Academy
    • Griffin MS 
    • Hebron 9th HS
    • Hebron HS
    • Heritage ES
    • Hedrick MS STEM Academy
    • Highland Village ES
    • Homestead ES
    • Independence ES
    • Indian Creek ES
    • Lakeview MS
    • Lamar MS
    • Lewisville HS Harmon
    • Lewisville HS Killough
    • Lewisville HS
    • Liberty ES
    • Marcus 9 HS
    • Marcus HS
    • McAuliffe ES
    • McKamy MS
    • Memorial ES STEM Academy* 
    • Morningside ES
    • Peters Colony ES
    • Rockbrook ES
    • Shadow Ridge MS
    • Southridge ES*
    • Student Success Center*
    • The Colony HS
    • Timber Creek ES
    • Valley Ridge ES STEM Academy
    • Vickery ES
    • Wellington ES

    *Campuses that won for the first time in 2022-23.