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    We are so excited for your interest in joining the LISD Counseling & Social Work team!  Our counselors follow the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling and our district has 40+ recognized CREST campuses for exemplary programs.  All new counselors who are new to the profession or new to LISD join the CSW admin team in two-year cohorts to navigate the role of the counselor and how to build a model program in LISD.  We offer a plethora of internal professional learning opportunities as well as professional learning communities among our counselors.  

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    Job Search in Frontline: Counselor, Counselor Pool SY 2024-2025

    Counselor Pool process:

    • Applicants apply for the Counselor Pool SY 2024-2025 posting in Frontline

    • Eligible applicants are invited to a Counselor Pool screening by the Counseling & Social Work department

    • All applicants are notified either:

      • You are in the Counselor Pool–eligible to apply for campus specific positions

      • You are not in the Counselor Pool–candidates who are not in the counselor pool are ineligible to interview at the campus level

    • Campus principals will only interview eligible applicants for campus specific positions to make final hiring decisions.