Student Password Help

  • In the past, all student passwords have been updated to ensure complex passwords for grades K-12. Students will be required to update their passwords for the 21-22 school year.

    For grades PK-5, new student passwords will be assigned and distributed in Skyward Family Access on Friday, August 13th. If a child is in grade PK-5, please use this guide (EnglishSpanishChin) to show how to access your child’s password in Skyward Family Access.

    For grades 6-12, students can update their password to a complex password of their choice between August 1st and August 12th. Any students in grade 6-12 who have not changed their passwords since August 1, 2021 will be assigned a new complex password that will appear in Skyward Family Access on Friday, August 13th.

    • If a child is new to LISD (K-12), a complex password will be assigned to them. Parents can find this assigned password in Skyward Family Access.
    • New students grades K-5 - the assigned password cannot be changed by the student. 
    • New students 6-12 – students will be able to update their password to a complex password of their choice, to do so they should use the Password Change Tool.
    • Returning 6-12 students, if they do not remember their password from the prior school year and have previously enrolled in the Password Reset Service,  they can reset their password using the Password Reset Tool. In addition, they can ask their teacher for help, or call the LISD Technology Helpdesk at 972-350-1833.

    As a reminder, teachers, counselors, librarians, registrars, attendance clerks, and assistant principals have access to view a student's current password or reset a student's password. For assistance, please try reaching out to your campus.

Staff Password Help

  • Staff LHUB Password Reset Setup

    LISD Staff can now set up security questions within their LHUB user profile to reset their password, if they're unable to log into their account. 

    To access the user settings, click on the profile icon in the upper right: Profile Icon

    Users must click on the “Questions” option on the Password Recovery settings page (shown below). NOTE: This password recovery option is “Disabled” until the user has finished setting up the security questions and answers.

    Password Recovery Setup

    Staff LHUB Password Recovery

    If you're a LISD staff member and have forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to the LHUB ( and clicking on the “Help, I forgot my password” link (below the “Sign In” button). Follow the prompts and answer the security question to create a new password.


    Forgot Password Link

    NOTEIf you are a Mac user and need to change your password while not connected to the LISD network, you can use the LHUB password reset tool to update your password, but it will not update your Macbook password until you reconnect to the LISD network. If changing your network password while connected to the LISD network, Mac users should use Enterprise Connect by following these Macbook Change Password instructions.