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    We at LISD are excited about the success of the 1:X iPad program and how well it has enhanced our learning environment. Of course this success includes protecting our students by restricting their ability to access inappropriate sites and apps. These restrictions are based on industrial and educational regulatory ratings. In the spirit of going above and beyond, we also want you (the parent) to know how to set additional restrictions that make sense for your family.

    The links below are to three sets of documents and videos showing you how to set up a passcode, prevent the ability to install additional apps, and restrict access to specific websites.  Remember, you are not required to set additional restrictions. We just want to be sure you know how. Simply click the blue link to see the article associated with a given video.

    If you have any questions or would like to report a website for us to review, please contact us at 972-350-1833 option 1.  You may also go to https://www.lisd.net/Page/13094 if you would like to report an app for us to review. 


    "How To Set Up The Restrictions Passcode"                               


    "How To Block The Installation of Additional Apps"

    "How to Restrict Website Access"

    "How to Set Parental Controls in iOS 12 - (Screen Time)"