Digital Instruction Materials

  • Lewisville ISD is committed to providing digital access for learning through online materials, resources, and applications.  This page is designed to provide information related to the digital resources that are used and accessed within LISD.


    Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

    Students in the Lewisville Independent School District are supplied with a resource, Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Google Apps is a set of online tools for communication, collaboration, time-management, and document storage provided by Google to the district at no cost. Click on the link below to get more info on these tools:

    LISD's Google Apps Overview 


    Web-based resources accessed through the Learning Hub (LHub)

    There are a variety of resources and strategies that we use for learning in our classroom, including instructional materials that are both digital and traditional. What we knew as “textbooks” are now a large variety of instructional materials, and the digital resources are portable and much more interactive than traditional texts.  LISD wants to make sure we provide information to parents and guardians of what will be used in class and what you should see at home.

    Click here for a list reflective of each campus level

    LISD App Store (pk-8)

    After many discussions with LISD parents, teachers, administrators and Technology Department, the district launched an LISD App Store for elementary students during the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year. In addition, LISD has developed new iPad guidelines for secondary students.

    By introducing the LISD App Store, the district is able to focus educational opportunities for students by streamlining all apps that are downloaded to district-issued elementary/middle school student iPads through one portal. 

    • Only the LISD App Store will be available on the elementary student iPad.
      • Any student/parent purchased apps are not available on LISD elementary iPads.
      • Only approved, specific apps can be installed on student iPads to prevent any unwanted apps (all apps reviewed for instructional value and appropriateness).
    • Middle school students will have access to the LISD App Store and can also have access to the Apple App store with parent created Apple ID.

    The LISD App Store is currently in place for all students in PreK through 8th grade on district issued devices.

    Requesting an App to be placed into the LISD App Store

    Follow the steps below to submit an app for review and possible approval to be added to the LISD App Store.

    1. Determine if the app you would like to recommend has already been submitted for review by checking the current list in the link below. There are four tabs of Apps to check: Approved, Not Approved, Pending, and Automatically Pushed Apps.

    Click here for a Current List of Apps in the LISD App Store

    2. If the app you would like to recommend is not on the Current List of Apps, please fill out the App Request Form. 

    LISD Staff Request Form

    3. Apps submitted are reviewed by Digital Learning, Learning and Teaching, and/or Special Services. The review is based on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the app and ensuring student privacy, online safety, and the educational alignment of the app.

    4. Apps will be placed into one of these categories:

    App Store   

    Reasons an app may not be approved: 

    • The app is not free.
    • The Terms of Service of the App do not allow for use by students under the age of 13.
    • The app contains features that interfere with student safety, such as in-app texting/chatting.
    • The app does not align with learning standards.


  • Secondary LISD Unapproved Apps

    The secondary guidelines allow more flexibility.

    • Apple App Store is available on district iPads in Secondary grade levels. Students can download apps with an Apple ID. There are some apps that LISD deems inappropriate. While LISD deems these apps inappropriate, currently there is no technical mechanism for blocking installation of these apps on the secondary student device. However, beginning in the Fall of the 2018 -2019 school year, LISD began hiding Unapproved apps on district issued iPads. Please keep in mind, students will still be able to download apps through Apple's App Store on their iPad. Although students can still download apps, the hiding feature will not allow them to see or use the app. The iPad will need to be on iOS version 9.3 or greater for the hiding feature to function. Please partner with LISD and play an active role in monitoring the apps installed on your student's device.

    • Unapproved apps are not allowed and could result in disciplinary action. Please refer to the link below to reference the list of unapproved apps.

    • LISD has restrictions in place that prevent downloading any 17+ apps on district iPads. Since all 17+ apps are blocked from downloading on district iPads, these apps are not added to the LISD Unapproved App List shown below. 
    • As a parent, you have ultimate control of your student's device. Please refer to this link from Apple regarding setting parental controls.

    For the online form to submit an app to be considered for adding to the Secondary LISD Unapproved App List: