Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

  • Students Reading Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) provides students the optional opportunity to use a technology device they prefer, to supplement the device they received from the district, or to meet other needs or preferences.

    • BYOT is fully supported across all campuses (current for 2017-2018 school year).
    • A student can bring in a personally owned device of any kind. This includes iPad, Android, smart phone, Chromebook, Windows or Mac laptop, etc.
    • Personal devices use the lisd-guest wireless. Once joined to lisd-guest, they will need to open a web browser to sign-on using their normal LISD account and password.
    • BYOT devices must use the District wireless network and not 3G/4G data. This ensures the internet access on the device is filtered while at a LISD location.
    • The use of a hot spot or configuring a personal device to function as a hot spot is not allowed.
    • A BYOT iPad can optionally be enrolled as a personal device in our management system. This only pushes the LISD wireless network to the iPad and no settings or restrictions.
    • To enroll a personal iPad, in a browser go to and at the bottom choose “this device is owned by me”.
    • All internet traffic while connected to a LISD network is filtered, including BYOT.

    Students who participate in BYOT are expected to follow the LISD Acceptable Use Guidelines as they pertain to access to inappropriate web sites, cyberbullying, the uploading of harmful files, etc.

    If a student is utilizing a BYOT device that is not an iPad in lieu of accepting a District provided device, please make your student’s teachers aware so they can plan work accordingly. There are many great cross-platform Apps, resources, and web sites that are available for use on most types of devices.